12 has got to be the theme of the trip.

First of all, I decided to take a travel minibus from Denpasar to Surabaya (on the 29th evening), which took 12 hours from the time of picking up and delivering [me].

I stayed only slightly over a day in Surabaya and met Jun and her newest boyfriend [this one looks serious and he seemed to be a very nice guy]. It was also so, so, so very nice to see mum, Michelle and my crazy sister and brother. Lovely, lovely.

Anyway, this morning, I flew with Malaysian Airlines from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur - where I am now - and I have to wait for 12 hours until my connecting flight to Frankfurt departs. I am still trying to figure out what to do during those 12 hours... but one is blogging here at the internet section of KLIA, knowing that some other people are queuing behind and beside me but I'll just selfishly continue. I was waiting long, too. :P Besides, it's not my fault that among the 4 computers provided, only one works.

Later at about 12 midnight, I'll have a 12-hour flight to Frankfurt.

12 is definitely the magic number.
12 is definitely making me so freaking tired.
12 is definitely not something that sounds so positive the way I just described it.
But these twelves can't beat the happy feeling I have now, because when the twelves are over, there will be ONE waiting for me in the end of the journey, and this 1 will be so ready with wide arms to catch and nurture me.

So this Vincent guy called me on Sunday asking me to go out with him. But at the time Corinne (the internee from Hogeschool INHOLLAND who used to work for CDU) was visiting and I had not seen her for like what... 6 years? So I had to turn down the offer. He sounded disappointed but I really wanted to spend as much time with Corinne as she was staying here only for a couple of days. And of course when it was weekdays again, I could not accompany her as I had to work.

And then Monday he called me wondering if I were available. Again, I had to turn that down because Corinne was still here. She was present when I got the call, and she felt bad that I had to miss a date chance because of her. But hey... you can't have too much possibility accompanying your friend after a six-year absence!

I promised him I'd see him on Tuesday evening, though. And I kept my promise.

After that first lovely date, we grew fond of each other VERY much that we felt necessary to meet every evening after I finished work. I really had a blast that week! He introduced me to his extended family (15 in total). Every one of them is nice, though I had to really struggle to communicate with most of them. Out of those 15, only 3 speak English (hieeehhh!!!!!)

But anyway, in short, I had a wonderful 5-day time with Vincent. Then at a party on Jimbaran beach in his last night here, he looked at me on the eyes and said, "Je t'aime."

The world was splitting up in two and I felt like I was pulled down to the core of earth. But I struggled to climb up and said,


Oh come on, was that the best thing I could do??? But I really didn't expect it to come out from him that soon!

He looked very convincing and replied, "Yes."

That's the scene I remember best by the way. The moonlight fused with the beach lights reflecting on his face... The white wine I'd been drinking all evening.... The yellowish, orangish glow on Vincent's face and eyes... But I guess what happened next was I smiled and kissed him. [Vincent, if you read this, confirm it please. What was my response???]

But I did declare my feeling a bit later that night. And he left the next day for Strasbourg with a hope from his side and mine that I would return the visit in about 2-month time.

Which is about now.

So yes, my dear friends... I'm leaving for France on the 31st of July and will be in my lover's arms the very first day in August. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

How could I not????