I was bored this morning. So as usual, I came downstairs and annoyed my other workmates. I had my glass of water with me and filled it in with cold water.

Being satisfied with playing around with Jus, Bo, Sinta, Vanie and Yendy, I wanted to go back upstairs. I was not really in a rush. But everytime I felt pretty happy I tended to walk faster -- which in this case I made a little run on the stairs.

Being clumsy as usual, I slipped. It was not a noisy fall, but I felt my leg hurt. Holding the pain I checked the front of my leg and there was a little bruise. It was just an exact moment when I found out that my little right finger bled! I tried to take away the blood with my other hand but it wouldn't go. It bled inside the skin! *cry*

It was swollen almost right after the accident. And it hurt as hell. Mariza suggested to poke it with a safety pin that she "found" somewhere on her messy office desk, but the other workmates downstairs told me not to, cause of the risk of having an infection. THAT scared me off. So I decided not to do anything with it.

When it was almost noon, people were telling me: If you don't get the blood out, you may gain a tumor or cancer, Carla.

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I've not been in the mood of blogging lately. There are just too many things to do (besides annoying my friends, LOL), which is a good fact.

But in short:
  • I've been a weekly visitor of Excelso (couldn't resist the temptation when my friends are so persuasive about chilling out there..)
  • I was in a deep financial trouble, which made me decide to cancel my deposit at Niaga Bank so I can get some money to survive this month.
  • I've been to busy sleeping. I don't know, but I feel like sleeping all the time and not wake up. It might be a sign of a frustration, but I don't think I am frustrated. I think it might have something to do with my metabolism or mind.. Dunno.. Probably gotta check that to a doctor.
  • I've been stressed out everytime I see photos of other people, or read reviews of some sort of cameras. My life is absolutely meaningless without it, and I could end up crying or getting angry cause of my disability in buying one. Been checking out a Canon PSA-95, and am really considering in taking it when my deposit is finally cleared.
  • I have no progress with my personal website (the design has already been completed and the .htm file has been half created). But there's a point that I can't just continue it. It's so fuckin' hard to be a moody person, huh?
  • Rina has mentioned about going clubbing lately. Gosh.. how it seemed to be a long time ago since we did it the last time. I do want clubbing.. but again.. money matter. Just maybe, when I get my money back from the bank, I can go and have fun at Desperados again? Hmm..
Oh well.. just some negative rants.. I don't feel so lacking in real, though. I'm very happy, and hey, I'm getting twenty-six this week! Yoohooo... Have you prepared anything for me? A present? A party? :D
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The oh-so-many street lights in the centre of Surabaya.

The logo of Good Boy (Natural Treats Company) is finally done. Whew.. I'm glad. So the only ongoing project (besides the "office" work) is my personal website. It's going to consume most of my weekend free time, so better be ready for more "Busy" status on my YM (though it's not very much likely REAAAALLLY busy). Anyway.. I'm happy. I accomplished pretty good things lately and I've been supported mentally by the people I love. I feel beautiful and LIFE is just so beautiful. It's so nice to see the world positively like this.

The Excelso promotion offer is valid until September. Thus we didn't waste any chance of drinking many many cups of coffee or tea at the cafe. Not last weekend.

I called Jun, a very good friend of mine at Widya Mandala University, a few days before for this chit-chat and coffee outing. I told her I was taking Rina with me, and she said OK.
On the day, as usual I had to attend my Dutch class and I finished before noon. I checked emails and chatted for a while at CDU, Shierly's office -- and formerly my office. I told her I was going to meet Jun at the mall and she wanted to join us. Cool. Both of these good friends, Shierly and Jun, have not met each other since Jun was back from Canada. Jun didn't contact so many old friends about her arrival, for some complicated reasons, just like her complicated self. And Shierly is going to go to Japan in less than 3 weeks, to learn to cook from her mother-in-law, almost directly after her wedding reception on the 2nd of September this year. I thought it was a great idea (though kinda flawful remembering these 2 girls' past history) to bring them together, cause they won't have that much chance to talk in the wedding, as Shierly would surely be busy with her 200++ guests.

So.. each of us ordered some food and lots of drinks, after being shocked by Jun's coming with her HUSBAND, Erfan. Uhh.. Okay, I wasn't too shocked. I knew they had been going out together for some time and I knew they planned to get married around July, but I didn't know the exact date, nor was I told about the positivity of their marriage plan. I was asked to keep it a secret and I did.. until Shierly saw that Jun and Erfan were wearing a ring, which she thought at first was an engagement ring. The news was spread out quickly, of course, for this very morning I've already heard from Valens and Veve asking about it. Hohoho..

Well, though in the beginning I felt that the chat was quite awkward, we finally got our old "click" as soon as Erfan left us for this girls hangout and began to chat and catch up the newest news and gossips of our uni friends. We made jokes of others' mistakes and shared those various funny and weird cultures of our husbands or ex boyfriends of other countries. Jun and Shierly happened to have similar experiences with Japanese men and it was sooo fun to talk it out. Rina and I shared our parts, too, since we also date(d) foreign guys. The topic moved to sex, which was as nice or even more exciting, to talk about. Then to the bachelor party for Shierly, and perhaps for Jun, too, though it's a little late. We were discussing which guy should strip for us (WHOOHOO that would be reaaalllly amazing to do). Some old friends' names were mentioned.. such as Valens, Musa etc. But we decided (in our "what if" imagination) that we shouldn't use them, risking that they wouldn't strip at all for us. Hahaha..

In short, it was incredibly nice. I loved every minute of our talk. We had a bloated stomach, as usual, after drinking cups of coffee at Excelso. So after a visit to the toilet, we went around Sogo to browse for some cool dress for Shierly's wedding. It was fun, if not frustrating.. since I'm really really short in cash these past few months. I fell in love with a sexy knitted top at the same time Rina walked towards it. She had the same opinion about it and decided to buy it right away. Wavingly she said, "Well you can also have the same one, but in different colour, please." Oh yeah, right... The last time we bought the same type of top, though in different colour, people are always commenting that we were sisters. So I put it down and browsed some more.

In the end I finally didn't make up my mind in any dress. I need to do my shopping in a less crowded day. Saturday and Sunday do certainly not qualify as the best shopping days!
Jun hasn't found one for her, either. So we might set up another meeting for it.

It was fantastic, nonetheless. Especially that the weekend was closed with a great time spent on the internet the next morning. I might get freaked out to see my phone bill in the end of the month, but I wouldn't do anything to change it.

Have a fine day. :)
Last weekend was pretty awesome. I went to Erasmus Huis to have my Dutch class, as usual, to where I found that only two other classmates attended it. That made us have to talk more in the class in a conversation. And however I'm good at the Dutch grammar or writing, my speaking skill sucks. When I couldn't find the Dutch word of "Thursday" (yeah, Thursday; a must have known word -- taught in the very beginning of the basic level), Mevrouw Anneke started to scream frustratingly, "Carlaaaaaa, you're going to Jakarta next month and you still can't speak Dutch well!!!!"--to which I answered nothing but some giggles.

Anyway, I'm still better than Ana. Ppphhhttt, ask me excuses, I'm the master. :P

After the class, I still had to do my Speaking and Listening midtest (alone) as the result of my so-many-times-skipping-classes irresponsible behaviour. I did the Grammar and Writing test last week so it didn't take long. I think I did pretty OK in the listening test. I missed the meaning of the tenth question, though, which I figured out what when I had the Speaking test later on. But I didn't do many mistakes... Speaking test was OK, too. I didn't know what magazine was in Dutch, so basically it was the only mistake I made in Speaking. :P

It ended at 12. I remembered I promised my friends to meet up at de' Excelso at 1 p.m. cause the cafe is having a big promotion of "free drinks with a minimum order of Rp 75,000" paid with HSBC card. So I thought I still had an hour to go. I walked down the stairs to Shierly's place, CDU, and borrowed the computer there to download the picture of Montana, Ken's dog, as I promised him to make a logo for his business. I met him on YM so we chatted for a while....

... which made me quite smiley the rest of the day... :)

Anyway... it appeared that it was a very very very very very VERY wrong decision to not go to de' Excelso right away after my Dutch class. When I arrived there, almost all food that my friends ordered have gone away to their stomach and innocent me didn't bother about THAT as I was ordering something else. What I forgot to speculate was there were 6 people sitting around the table, including me, and that the custom of people working at Excellogix was SHARING a little bit of each other's food. Missing those most important facts of Excellogix table manner before ordering, I stupidly ordered a very small yet veeeery delicate most delicious Macaroni Schotel.

When it arrived, my macaroni schotel was shared (with a verbal force by those beloved workmates) and I began to look at them AND my macaroni schotel AND them AND macaroni schotel.... helplessly.

Anton: Hmmm... It tastes nice! (Oh-uh)
Jus: Wow, I like it!!! -- while taking the second spoonful of it into her mouth. (Noooo!!!)
Yendy: It's great, La! (uh.. yeah.. I know, please look at my eyes and have some mercy)
Bo: YAY! Enak enak... (BO, STOP EATING IT!!!)
Vanie: Yummy... I guess you are the loser here, La.. Cause we all took your food while you didn't get any bit of taste of ours. Hahahaha.... (Geezhh... Thanks, Van!)

THAT left me with a damn QUARTER of the already-originally-small Macaroni Schotel!!! *sob sob* And there.. they were just sitting and laughing at my unfortunate state.

I was hungry afterwards. But I thought I'd eat some more food at home anyway, so I tried to make it up with the free drinks. So I ordered:
  1. a cup of Capuccino Toraja (they gave me the wrong one apparently, instead of cappucino, they served the strong type of Torajan coffee.)
  2. a cup of Mega Mocha Shake (also coffee with some mocha taste)
  3. a cup of Capuccino on the Rocks
  4. a cup of hot chocolate.
That didn't help my empty stomach. Instead it made it bloated with air and everybody was feeling like farting, but could hardly... in that open, full-of-people mall.

I just wanted to go home and lie down on my bed and FART. But Yendy and Vanie suggested to go to some counters after sitting for 5 hours at de' Excelso. *sob sob*

Vanie took me home, thanks God. Then I wouldn't have to wait longer to be embraced by my soft bed and pillows in my lovely room. But when I arrived, the plan to eat some of mom-made dinner didn't work out for my stomach felt so weird that I couldn't think of anything but bed and toilet, bed and toilet, bed and toilet.

So well... it didn't come out as lucky as the offer sounded. Maybe it would be so much different if Desperados had the offer, instead of de' Excelso.
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Project done: designing entertainrings.com (until today, hasn't been fully viewed yet, as the other department still makes some adjustment to the layout, but my part is done. Check again in a week)
Ongoing project: A logo of Good Boy, personal website of myself (version 3)
Reading: The Single White Male
Learning: Adobe Illustrator

Yippeeeeee!!! I'm sooo excited. Got a new toy: Adobe Illustrator!

I know.. I'm a bit left behind. But I was more into messing photos and renders on Photoshop than drawing. I used to like to sketch on a piece of paper than doing it on the computer. But lately, I'm quite inspired by Sharif, a creative friend of mine, who told me he learnt Illustrator by himself. Just like I learnt making design and website layout by myself with the help of some books and online tutorials.

I've always wanted to start it since last year, but I kept postponing it until 2 weeks ago. I had Adobe Illustrator CS installed in my office computer (I want to install it in my home computer, but these days I've been pretty busy with other things at home so I won't be able to really use it at home anyway) and I've started to make some graphics for the wallpapers I should make for Excellogix. My bosses raised our target to 200 wallpapers a month, note: Iyem and I can lower the quality of them in order to meet the stressing target.. so there.. I need a practical way to make fast and a lot of wallpapers in a short time. *sigh* This preassure has apparently done good for my motivation to learn Illustrator. Iyem is a Macromedia Freehand expert. I'm not very accustomed with Macromedia's tools, so that's why I chose Illustrator, and not Freehand.

In short, as I've been babbling too much, I feel alive again. I'm haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy!

Weekend plans:
Saturday: Dutch course in the morning, lunch with Jus, Anton, Yendy, Bo and Vanie at TP.
Sunday: Private course (Ian), practise the song for the competition, design my personal website.
Brainwashing: Een Liefde voor het Leven - Marco Borsato

-- Got an sms from Erasmus Huis Jakarta yesterday. I will have to sing the song above. *sob sob sob*

I CAN'T SING THAT SONG!!! It's too low for my voice! Huaaaaa....