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I feel better. It's still vague here and there 'bout my recent issues but I could finally generate ideas, though still unclear, for me and for Mr. Him. As for my dogs, it's still an irritating thing to talk about them and I absolutely am reluctant to discuss it.

I forgot to bring my lunch box again yesterday so I had my mother prepare it in another disposable lunch pack. I heard again for nine thousand five hundred and twenty six times many people say: "I'm just so amazed that you don't forget your nose, Carla."

That should be the next item to improve in my "Gonna be more organized" project agenda.

Damn this is the end of the work days in the end of this month and I'm still not encouraged to get my target completed!!! I'm so bored.. I was very determined to get the bonus earlier.. but it doesn't seem really matter now.

Marijnboy chatted with me a little today, getting up very late for work. No mandi but washing face, brushing teeth and sprays of deodorant here and there and done. But still, in the very short moment he was busy preparing things, he was chatting with me. I loved it.. and appreciated it. It quite made my day. Hihihi.. it's so funny when you see small things like that can make a girl happy.

O well.. I hope tomorrow is even better. Hoping as well I can keep my eyes open till I complete all work and get my target fulfilled.

Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
Back to life, back to reality
[Back to Life - Soul II Soul]
Pray for me.

Wallpaper of the day: Phone Booth. Yes this is not a new movie. My cousin and other members of the family also say that this is not a pretty good movie of Collin Farrell. But I did not quite agree. It shows us somehow about trust-betrayal and the honesty itself. Posted by Hello

I have no meaning intended for the things happening to me lately *raising both hands backwards*.. I watched this like a year ago or so.

This must be a complete sad devastating day.

Not yet feeling better from the last night's aggression with my dearest, other things came up to upset me.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like pooping (which was a good thing, considering it's always been a nasty problem to me). My stomach kept aching so I decided to just be awake and do something. Last Sunday was Michael's birthday and I couldn't find anything decent to give to him. I was thinking to make it up by making him a brownies.

While preparing all the ingredients, my mother informed me about the death of one of Reta's hamsters. It was eaten by the other hamsters. I was angry again and asked the people in the house to call Reta and asked her to bring the hamsters along with her so that SHE takes care of them, instead of receiving compliments of being such a patient 15 year old girl that loves her pets! But nobody would. Trying to ignore the pity I felt for the poor innocent creature, I continued baking, till I saw the body of the dead hamster, laying down in its cage.. without a head.

I felt like throwing up!

Later on, my mother told me that she was absolutely overwhelmed with 4 dogs and 2 puppies at home. She was going to sell Snowy, Sukkel, Jerry and Teddy. WELL, she refused this person and that person who wanted to take care of the pups and NOW SHE'S GOING TO SELL THEM????? She always campaigns that she hates people who cruelly abandons their pets. Even Jerry, one of the pups, was actually already given to Michael's friend, but my mother didn't allow him to take it back since she decided that he didn't really care for Jerry. True. But now selling Jerry?? Come on!

Pups and the other dogs are different case. We might not have too big bound with the pups for they're really little (cute) bastards, but Sukkel and Snowy were also sold, too!!! Snowy has been behaving bad lately, that's correct.. but she's been staying with us so long! And Sukkel... Like his name, which means stupid in Dutch (don't blame me, I didn't suggest that name), is stupid in real. Unlike Zwartje and Kabuki that understand what we say, Sukkel tends to ignore people's sayings in the house. But he's the sweetest heart after Zwartje! He always cleaned Zwartje's and Kabuki's eyes in the morning and he played with the pups (Teddy and Jerry) when the other dogs don't want to play with them. He's just a bit slow and fussy and not as handsome as Zwartje and Kabuki. But is it enough reason to ban him out?

My brother, sister and I were watching as Sukkel and Snowy were put into rice sacks with holes for them to breathe. Michael didn't say a word, all muscles in his face were tightened. Ita's look was horribly angry. And I.. went to the bathroom, poured myself with as much water as I could, and cried almost soundlessly. Just like the day when Buang, my first dog, was thrown away in the street by my parents for biting a neighbour.

Tell me.. why do people have pets when they don't want to take care of them? Why did my sister and her husband decide to have a baby if later they'd send her to her husband's parents instead of taking care of her themselves? Why do we have to create a great tight bound with a living thing when we cannot really share ourselves with them?

I don't understand.

I slept last night with wonders.. how are Snowy and Sukkel feeling right now? Are they hurt? Do they think we don't love them?

Coz I wouldn't want to be in their place.. Who would want to be dissed by people we love? :(

My eyes were narrowed when I accidentaly looked at the very bright sky this noon on bemo on the way to the office. Nice cheerful weather we were having today.. unlike the clouds in my head and heart.

I began to re-think the whole things about my coming-to-Holland plan. A must to do agenda after my chat with my Mr. Guy last night. I found that it was still the same. Still a one-way love that I'm feeling, though it's more grey when I try to adjust it with he says and what he does, which annoyingly very much different in its practice.

Why do people have to complicate love and its elements? Why don't they just feel it and act like what they feel? Why does love need a definition and why should we analyse it, knowing much too well that it's already complicated without being analysed? Why should there be a general idea of how love is and what effects it should influence the feelers? Why should there be terms of -impossible- or -too much- in socialisation? Why can't we just act and feel like the way it is naturally? Why can't one just smile and be happy to get much love from a person that they don't mind him/her having the feeling for him/her? Why do people choose to be lonely and sad instead of accepting a possibility of being loved and cheered by a person he also loves?!

I'm saying those NOT in the term that one hates the other.

Why should I be hanging here, being loved and unloved by my loved one, depending on how the tide he's having? Does love make me irrational and stupid? Do I lose my mind cause of it?I've been forcing my brain to find out the answer and it says no. I still have my sanity with me. My logics as well as my heart.

The logic says I shouldn't have loved him in the first place. I've never set a criteria of how my guy should be like but people who just know his surface always wonder why I get to fall in love with him. I never listened to them of course, neither does my logic. What it objects is that cause he doesn't believe in this thing called "love". It's already hard to build and/or maintain a love to a normal guy who believes in it; it's even twice or five times more work with him. I'd always told myself not to have fallen in love with this extraordinary sweet and mean person, but who could stop when love knocks your heart?

My heart.. the 75% role in my decisive life suggests me to just go with the flow. No matter how much I planned my life and tried to deny the feelings raising up for him, my heart teaches me to be true and honest. It reminds me how much I regretted when my father's gone without ever hearing me, or my brother or my sister, or even my mother, that we loved him. Sure he knew it but isn't it always nice to hear and be admitted that you are loved, and that you exist in someone's life, that you play a role and are valued somehow by someone. My regret as well for my first love: getting trapped into Indonesian social rules and lying all my feelings up till he really left. No more hiding love. Not for Carla. Not ever again.

I love him. And I'd love to win my heart in this tough mind discussion. At the same time, I don't want to upset my logic. So I've set reasonable plans and reasons to back up my heart's decision. Why.. I'm 25 next month.. If it's not now, when can I satisfy my love? Though in the end I know I will get nothing in return, at least I tried. At least I loved. I get the feeling that I should win my logic sometime in the future. 5 years time is an estimated time till I have to consider a planned settled life for myself. I may then have to set aside my feelings and think more universally. So why should I bother about it before the time?

My love is not blind. I have my sanity with me. It's just a matter of choice. And this is what I choose now.

Don't tell me I'm stupid cause I'm not. Don't tell me what to do, cause I decide my life. You should not worry cause my decision concerns him. When he feels not good, I won't go on. I'm sane enough to consider that this is a two-person issue.

In either way, this might be the last thing I can do for him. Or for a love I feel..

... before my time's up and a new responsible Carla is created,
... before I regret again..

It's Monday.
Almost the end of the month.
Targets approaching to get fulfilled.
Having to lead the knowledge sharing next week without knowing what to share.
Feeling like saving money but hardly able.

I need you, you need me.
Is it the limit of our whatever-ship?
Can't you exist for me when I don't need you for a particular purpose?
Do I only exist when you need me?
Are you only there when I need you?

I am loved
Aren't I?
Oh finally the week comes to Friday, the loveliest (though busiest) working day of the week. Now am just surviving my work life only by my greatest expectation of a nice cozy lazy weekend.

Drinking a cup of coffee after a knowledge sharing activity presented by Veve about the Eneagram types of people. I knew she worked hard on it and she did it very well.

From the Eneagram tutorial by Veve, we were asked to fill in an online quiz and found out what kind of Eneagram type we possess. And here is my result.

free enneagram test

Type Seven
The Enthusiast
The busy, productive type. Sevens are extroverted, optimistic, versatile, and spontaneous. Playful, high-spirited, and practical, they can also misapply their many talents, becoming over-extended, scattered, and undisciplined. They constantly seek new and exciting experiences, but can become distracted and exhausted by staying on the go. They typically have problems with impatience and impulsiveness. At their Best: they focus their talents on worthwhile goals, becoming appreciative, joyous, and satisfied.

Now now, I feel it's kinda true. Hehe..
I was reading a marriage problem column and started to think.

Problems occured in the cause of cultural differences do exist. But what I am thinking is if the term is the real cause of the break down of a marriage or if it is just an excuse when a not-clicking-anymore period emerges between the two.

My mother is a mix of Ambonese, Kalimantans and Javanese with open, liberal, loud characteristics while my father was a total Javanese who was most of the time quiet, but when he started to speak, he gave this shuddering charism for others to obey him. The condition when they met for the first time was: my mother, a widow with a daughter and was my father's fourth wife. I don't even know how many half sisters and brothers I've got from my father. The bitter thing was, when I was bigger, every after my mother walked my father out to our house's gate for work, she jumped like a happy little rabbit whilst saying: "Yesss.. the devil's gone." Being a 15 with so many idealistic ideas in my head, I was thinking like: "What kind of a family is this?"

Later I knew that both my mother and father felt that they were actually not meant for each other. The unfortunate thing was that they found it out when they had already had these three children, including me. Openness was their greatest problem, for although my mother is very open, she'd learnt long enough not to discuss fragile topics with my father when his mood was not extra good.

In my opinion, Communication, original self ethics and compromises should be the keys to overcome the problem inspite of the most important thing of all - Love. But these are not easy to apply when the couple have brought their natural characteristics, either from their culture and/or employed-by-self-experience beliefs, without ever learning and trying to self-recognise and introspect.

Back to the cultural accusation. It might be one of the causes of a marriage failure, but I strongly think that it always goes back to each individual, feelings for the partner, and a willingness to improve oneself before trying to improve the partner or the relationship concerned.

My present theories.

My untouched unexperienced ideals.

I just wish I'll remember to re-read this when I'm facing the real marriage life's problem. :P
Ok I've said I'd leave my teaching job. But listen to this:

My mother woke me up at 5:15 this morning and I was just so.... unmotivated to even move my body to the washroom.  Grumbling coz I'd predict that I would be late waking up at that time, I took my morning mandi and washed my hair. A bit fresher a moment later, I asked my mother to call for a becak (Yeah, todays becak is cool. You can even order them to come to your house, just like taxi. Hihihi..). Then I left my house at 6 o'clock sharp, just the time I should have arrived at the street near the cemetary where the office car picked me up.

This is the first time I teach at SD St. Clara (elementary school). The company set up an agreement with this school to add an intra-curicullar Public Speaking lessons for its students. I did not directly teach coz there was a MOS (new students' orientation), just like at St. Carolus. Anyway, it only lasted for an hour so I could start teaching the fourth grade, 4B, for 20 minutes (it should be an hour and 20 minutes, but it was cut by the MOS activity).

Like always, no matter how sleepy I am, when I face those students I'm always fully freshly awake. Darn I do love teaching. Looking at those bright small smiley faces of the 7th year old kids make me feel 10 years younger. Especially when you wit their eagerness to learn and how small unimportant things can excite them so very easily. And THIS made me confused again.

Should I drop this teaching stuff or should I continue it? I definitely don't want to let go my website job. It's so fun to work there (boring as well, but hey, which work doesn't make you feel bored at times?).  Oh what am I to do? :(

Still about King Arthur movie. I'm so unmotivated today so I am not very productive. This is one that I can show off. Posted by Hello
Today sucks.
It was the first school day and we, the English teachers, were asked to attend the flag ceremony with the new students. I have wanted to quit from school and this morning I was in my monthly bad mood.
I was walking in the corridor when I saw the headmistress, a nun, and greeted her good morning. I took my place in the basketball field where we had the flag ceremony when Pak Win, my coordinator, walked behind me and whispered: "Suster (the headmistress) thinks that your skirt is too sexy."
I frowned and looked at Rina who was beside me. "Is it?" I asked her. She shrugged and was not sure. I looked down at my skirt again and examined. I never think it is too sexy. It's not too long, like any other teachers skirts, but it is not too short either. And the cut is not too long/high either. What the heck is the problem with this skirt??? It's a normal skirt!!!
Time went by and when the ceremony was almost over, a teacher introduced each teacher of St. Carolus High School to the new students. Pak Win came to me and asked, "What do you think? I should introduce you all as well, but since your skirt is too sexy, I'm afraid it would be a problem."
I felt like blurting up! I've got a bad stomachache and my legs were in pain and now I have this complaint about a skirt that I have been using for almost a year now!!! And there was no complaints before!!!
Then a female teacher was called and she walked to the place where all the introduced teachers stood. And I heard Pak Win and the others murmured, "Well, her skirt is also sexy. It's long but the cut is.. my..."
And she had no problem.
Thinking positively, maybe I am the one who is too sexy!
I was pretty quiet the rest of the time I spent at school and thinking a lot. My mother has suggested me to quit there since long before.. but my struggle in my mind was not over yet. I do love teaching. But I can't really adjust with the old people's perspective about my clothes. And I can't accept too much bureaucracy that the school applies. Plus hell of course I'm not very good at waking up early at 5 a.m. every day!
I think I'll have to give my resignation letter soon.
I've got an excellent way to be more organized concerning my 3x3 meter room.
It's always been so messy and full of small things I collected, which I myself can't remember when I bought or got them. I actually love cleanliness, I swear!!! But I spend most of my time outside the house to work for 12 hours a day, even in weekends. That's why I've barely had time to clean my room. Yeah, I know, excuses.. Of course I have more free time on Saturday and Sunday, despite my private teaching schedules, but as you might have concluded by now, I've almost had no time for myself. So I used that limited free time to chat with family or play computer games. That leads, again, to: I never clean my room. :P
But I've had this pledge to be more organized since few weeks ago. Someone who really connects with me has changed a lot and he really tries to change like one hundred and eighty degrees of his past behaviours to be a new person. It got me thinking to change some of my bad qualities into a better one. I concluded that it should be my messy lousy characteristic. So I begin to find out solutions.
Everytime I had the right cleaning mood, it always took me the whole day to clean not even three quarters of my room. And I usually left it still messy and my mother had to take over the rest of the job.
THEN I've come up with this extraordinarily gorgeus brilliant idea: to clean only ONE specific item (with all small things on it) every day. So I made this schedule:
Monday: Clean the computer table.
Tuesday: Clean the bed (my bed has some drawers which I loaded with DVDs and comics).
Wednesday: Clean the wine table (small table where I put my wines).
Thursday: Clean the drawing desk.
Friday: Clean the fan.
Saturday: Clean the wardrobe.
Sunday: Organize the clothes (I have my clothes all over the room).
My mother, my cousin Steve and my friend Veve said that it was a strange way to clean a room. They usually do it altogether in one day so that they can do anything else that is fun in the other days. But it doesn't work for me, as I explained above.  Besides, I've proven this to be the best way for me. It only takes five minutes to do each chore every day for it's only one item that I have to mind. And I still can do the rest of my time for myself. :D

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My chosen today wallpaper that I made for the company I work at. 

Edited: Well this is kinda horrid look when automatically resize it to a smaller one. So please FULL VIEW .
I'm waiting till the movie gets in Indonesia. I can't wait to see it!

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It's getting easier for me to win this game (or series of this game) after almost 10 months trying to analyze how it worked.

I bought this game, The Settlers IV, last year and was not impressed at first since it takes a long time just to build the primary buildings etc. Patience is never my biggest advantage and I abandoned it for some months giving up.. until I tried it again few months ago, with more patience intended.

It struck me when I finally won a game (The Race Campaign) and I got addicted playing it. Then I could finish it quicker each time I played.. and NOW, I'm the winner of The Race Campaign by the Romans (all three levels), The Race Campaign by the Mayans (2 levels) and The Race Campaign by the Vikings (also 2 levels). Gotta finish the Mayans' and the Vikings soon. On the other side, I still have more missions to do in The Dark Tribe Campaign. I'm still on mission four. As for the map games, I already won in the New Start, All Green, Middle Islands and some more that I can't recall.

I feel kinda satisfied.

Yess... Carla, the great strategy maker.

This is the wallpaper of the day. I know it's simple but I was trying a new idea, so I took a bit long to have this (and the other wallpapers) done. Posted by Hello
I'm fat. But that doesn't stop me from eating more great food. I was baking brownies this morning and shared some pieces with my friends at the website office. They said that it was delicious. Happy happy happy..

Anyway, to prevent me from forgetting the recipe (I reduced some of the sugar and chocolate since I don't like too sweet food), this is how to make Brownies ala Carla:

200 gr chopped dark baking chocolate
100 gr butter
2 spoonful of water
then boil them all together in a small pan. Remember to have another pan with some water beneath the chocolate pan. That is the right way to melt chocolate. Otherwise, if it doesn't melt properly, you'll have to discard it.

Stir slowly till the butter and the chocolate are well mixed and melted, then add 100 gr sugar.

Remove the pan from the fire. Add 40 gr plain flour, 2 eggs (lightly beaten), 100 gr macadamia nuts and vanilie essence. Stir with wooden spoon.

Prepare a baking tin with thin layer of butter and flour (or use baking paper) and pour the half made brownies in. Bake for 35 minutes or until the top is firm enough to touch.

Easy. :)
I couldn't sleep last night. I came from the office
tired and sleepy, washed my hands and feet and came to
the baby's room to kiss Michelle, my new born niece, good night, and I smelled
shit. I thought she pooped. But she didn't. Then I
talked a little with my sister and brother and cousin
and came to my room. My mother came in and talked to
me and I smelled that shit again. When she went out,
it didnt smell.. when she went in it smelled again. I
told her about it and the other people in the house
also smelled her but they didn't smell any shit.

I tried to sleep but I couldn't.. my head was spinning
but my eyes were open wide. I played The Settlers 4 on my computer till 3 in
the morning when I smelled flowers. And nobody was
awake and we have no flowers in our house. I decided
to turn my computer off then went to bed. I was just
laying there having trouble to sleep.

Not long after, the phone rang. At 3:30 in the
morning!!! As usual, I didn't bother to pick it up. My
mother woke up and received the call. I heard her say
something like: Oh I'm so sorry.. Please be strong,
everything will be alright.

I asked her who it was. It was my uncle telling her
that his mother just died. So that was it, why I couldn't sleep and smelled things. I don't want to believe, but I believe.. I slept
till 11 almost noon very tightly then, knowingly.