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Last night sucked.

Denni decided to stay in the office a bit longer after the other workmates went home. I waited for him until he finished his "important business". Well, we were about to leave that we checked all doors and windows and electricity. The front (wooden) door was unlocked, very unusual. Later we found that we did not have that door's key. Denni then called Jon to crosscheck and we found no solution but having Jon go back to the office to lock it. Poor Jon came back then, very tired just like Denni and I, and fixed the mess.

I arrived home at 11. With all the pluses (greeting my dogs, washing my face and brushing teeth), I probably slept at around 12. And as usual I woke up at 5 for teaching. Now I'm soo.... sleepy. My head span hard. Eergghh...



Sometimes I'm very much annoyed with some cheaty attitudes of my workmates. I'm responsible of arranging the Knowledge Sharing schedule at Excellogix. I reminded them to compile the material and encouraged them to fix the time whenever it's suitable for them (as long as it's in the two-week duration provided). They can also consult their topic and I've given them the possibilities.

Today.. after some other previous similar cases, there was a presentation from Devy about Microsoft Excell. She decided to have it in the evening instead of afternoon. I've warned her a few days before about the possibility of getting a minimum number of attendants if she'd do it at 17:00. But she still insisted in having it at that time. Cool, no problem for me..

At 17:00, the people were going out for dinner as usual. The others left for home. Devy went upstairs to see me and asked if she could postpone it since there were not many people available. I told her not to, cause it was already the end of the month and I wouldn't want to cause myself in trouble with Vera for another delayed Knowledge Sharing. So she did it as scheduled.

As predicted, there were only 3 or 4 people coming to her Knowledge Sharing class. I myself didn't attend it as I needed to fill my stomach with some food before it cried. When it was over, Devy was disappointed and Mariza looked even crosser for the very small number of people attending it. They then bugged me with some comments and grumbled that if they knew that beforehand, they would not have done it in the evening. They also blamed me for not letting them postpone it. WTF!!! I TOLD her what would happen if they did it in the evening, I TOLD her everything she needed to know! Yet they still played a role of some losers acting like it was all just my fault. Hey, guys, for every Altoerz who happens to read this, Knowledge Sharing is NOT an event to force other members to attend it. When there were not many people attending your presentation it should have been nobody's fault. You yourself should be able to pick an interesting topic to attract their attentions. So please please pretty please.. don't be so cheaty and asked me for a postpone date -- when you have already published it on Excellogix online and when you have known that you can't actually expect many people to come in the evening shift -- a few minutes before you start!!!

List to do:
  1. Correcting 5 classes' final tests
  2. Counting the final scores of each student (of a total of 5 classes) for School Report
  3. Making 100 or more wallpapers in three working days [which I doubt I'll make it]
  4. Having my home aircon, computer and stereo fixed before the end of the month
  5. Applying for a new ATM for my lost one 3 years ago maybe
  6. Getting the courage to quit at the stressing schools
  7. Making up my financial records
  8. Getting a motorbike
  9. Getting a boyfriend
  10. Making more cash than what I earn now without the company's bonuses!
Already have a headache just to remember and write those. *sigh*
My last weekend was not very bad. Despite of the broken computer that makes my free time lame, I survived my recent Saturday by hanging out at this new cafe called Hugo's at Hotel Sheraton. The grand opening was actually the day before, but I suspected that it would be overly crowded then, that Rina and I decided to go on Saturday night. It was a good decision for later that night, we knew that there were 1800 people attending the grand opening. Phew!

I dressed in sexy green half-sleeved shirt, black trousers and new half rubber shoes while Rina was wearing her new black loose top she bought with me the other day and jeans. Arriving there the reception girls asked us what we would like to drink. That was just the time when one of them touched my arm and said: "Hey what are you doing here? I'll tell your mom you're going here."

Errr... this person seemed to know me very well as she spoke warmly. And she obviously knew my mother. But who the hell is this blonde girl (dyed, of course)?

We talked and talked as if we knew each other very well. I decided not to reveal my short and long term memory loss of people's face and name as it might hurt her. But when we left her for paying our orders, I was trying really really hard to remember her name. I realized who she was just a second BEFORE I looked at her name printed on our bill.

Meet Cindy Halatoe, my cousin.

Direct cousin.

Ekkkk... I must be in the worst stage of memory damage. She is my cousin. COUSIN. COUSIN.

Geez.. it showed how close and caring we were huh? Hehehe...

Well anyway, Hugo's not bad. The local band was nice, drinks were nice (though stupidly expensive) but the decoration sucked. There were these two big pilars placed just in front of the stage - which caused us a bad time to see the band's performance. I know that the pilars were always there. But they can actually place the stage in the bar's side. THAT WAY, we can see the band through the pilars. :P

I found that one of the bartenders was my church friend - whose name, again, I failed to remember. Hehe.. Man, I really have to put this on my self improvement list. I'm getting worse at this. :(

It was fun alright.. except the fact that there was this one guy who tried to impress me with his smug smile. He followed me wherever I went, when I danced, when I drank beer and talked to Rina, he was just being my tail! He was attempting to touch my waist at the dance floor and when I looked annoyed he asked: "Nobody's going to be angry, right?" I answered: "She will," while pointing at Rina, and I slapped his hand from my waist. Rina didn't get to hear what I said then, but when I told her the whole story at the bar later on, she laughed and said: "Are you saying that you were implying us to be a couple of lesbians??? You are crazy!"

Well, he didn't give up. I disappeared from his sight for a moment until he found me and Rina again in the other corner and said: "Hey, I was looking for you. Would you mind joining me and my friends there?" Oh, some guys just don't understand signals and words. I should have simply stuck a piece of paper on my forehead with a "FUCK OFF, JERK!" statement printed on it. BAH!


Got time to do this internet quizy to reveal my personality.

You Are From Uranus

You shine with brilliant creativity, and you're more than a little eccentric.
You love everything unusual and shocking. You're one far-out chick or dude.
Anything unconventional excites you - and you have genius potential.
Just don't let your rebel side get the best of you, or else you'll alienate everyone.
Your original thinking and funky attitude is all you need to be you.

Do you think by any chance that the result is true? :D
I always think that smokey eyes are cool. I asked a friend the other day how I could upgrade my eyes like that but before she could explain me how, we were already busy doing something else. So until this very moment I still haven't figured out the technique. Yeah yeah.. I don't read women magazines or TV shows too much, huh. I'm a bit left behind in this make-up thingy.

However.. two days ago I had more time than usual before teaching my private students. So there I was, sitting in my bed, applying more make up than my usual skin-coloured lipstick. There were eyeliner, moisturizer (of course), eyelash curler and mascara. Yep, perfect! I looked nicer. Risking it gone in a few minutes after I got out of the house (... heat causes sweat, you know ...), I went teaching.

I know I can never be organized or neat or being able to remember how to keep the mascara sticking on my eyelashes. Or AT LEAST getting my fingers out of my eyes! Well, it wasn't my fault, huh. My eyes itched. Seriously. And I rubbed them with my stupid fingers before knowing what I could cause to my mascara-ed eyes. So that was the end of the poor short-aged beautiful eyes. I promised myself to wash my face as soon as I arrived at the office.

"Hey you look really cool today!" Pyorr exclaimed as soon as I opened the door. Huh? Did she see me right?

"How is that?" asked me.

"Those smokey eyes. Nice as hell. I like it!!!"

Well.. sometimes accidents could result good, I guess. And though I don't think it's not the nicest option of creating smokey eyes, I've got one of the tricks. Hehehe.. Thanks Pyorr.

PS: If you know the other REAL tricks of making it up, hit me a comment please. :) Thanks.
What could be more unlucky than this?

Saturday, 13 November 2004

I woke up, ate my instant noodle for breakfast, decided to check my Listening Comprehension CD on the computer, turned it on, and found that it was broken.

Frowning at my brother -- he used the computer most of the time -- by imagining how much I should spent for my computer's service, I prepared my bathing stuff, turned on my stereo, got my CD inserted, and found that the tape function was broken, too -- by my niece who was at present in Jakarta. BAH!!!

I slammed the door and house's fence hard leaving to my students' house for some private teachings... in my supposed-to-be-long-and-nice holiday.

08:00 - 12:00

[At Andrew's house]

Andrew: Bu Carla... oh Cie Carla.. eh..
Me: Miss Carla, Andrew. When we are studying English, you have to call me by Miss.
Andrew: But you don't look like a miss.
Me: And what do you mean with it?
Andrew: You don't dress like a miss, you don't look like a miss. If you're wearing your eyeglasses, you will look like a miss. So wear them now please and I'll call you Miss Carla.
Me: ........ [speechless]

I realized later that whom he usually called Miss is usually his teachers at school, who are undoubtedly old!

12:30 - 20:00

I came to TP a half an hour earlier from my appointment time with Rina, which was at 13:00. As soon as I arrived, I smsed her asking where she was. She replied about 15 minutes later: Hi, I'm still at home. Just finished doing housechores. I'm coming in a minute by taxi.

Great, Rin!

I was browsing and choosing books in Gramedia, then. I got this Rp 50,000 voucher reward from Bank Niaga and I was planning to buy some books for my seemed-to-be-empty-and-boring-without-computer holiday. I browsed and browsed and browsed while waiting for Rina. Satisfied with a LOT of books in my shopping bag, I walked to the cashier to pay. They were all in total Rp 198,000 something. I almost choked when I checked the receipt. Even after I gave the vouchers to the cashier woman, I still had to pay Rp Rp 148,000 something. Ekkk.. damn.. why didn't I check the hell prices of the books I took?! Stupid!

Two o'clock and Rina still didn't show up. I just realized that I was hungry so I went to Mc Donald's and ordered Panas Pedas. The girl I always claimed to be my bestfriend innocently showed up when I almost finished my meal. That was 14:20. :P

But ok, we then chatted and joked and browsed and shopped. Walked here and there, tried on this piece of cloth and that, paid these shoes and those etc. At about 5 o'clock, Rina was queuing at the cashier of Matahari when I was shoved by a number of people. TP was indeed very crowded at that time, considering it was just a day before the Ied day. I felt strange when those people pulled me, so as soon as they left I checked my bag. And I was right, my cellphone was stolen! :(( I asked Rina to call my handphone right away, hoping that it just slipped somewhere in my messy bag. But no ring. It was INDEED STOLEN!!!!

I checked again for my purse and found it in the very bottom of my bag, heavy books on top of it. For the first time I was grateful that I was always unorganized. At least I didn't have to cancel those important credit cards. :P

Monday, 15 November 2004


Ita had her baby, Michelle, taken care by mom at home while she was away with her husband. My mother asked her to buy her fried duck when she arrived home later. She did, and we happily ate it.

I felt pain in my throat. Ouch!

Apparently I got a small bone stuck in the middle of my throat and it hurt as hell!!! I tried all ways: swallowing a group of rice without chewing, drinking much much water, soften it with hot coffee but nothing worked! Even until this very moment, the annoying bone is still loyally settling down in my lovely throat.

Damn damn damn!
The reflection smiled back at me
Looking proud
Chin up
So arrogant
Yet so beautiful, I admired secretly

My eyes were busy wandering
At his oh so fair and bright skin
Downward to his muscular body
Staring a while at his pretty maleness
Spending a longer time at his pocket
Knowing happily he'd got considerably good amount of legal tender
Being grateful he was born rich

But heck!
Who the hell was that ugly skinny dark girl in whites?
Shamelessly coming into my room with disrespectable clothing and broom
Comforting herself shortly then soon sweeping
What a real wreckage of my prince charming's picture

I was furious!
I'd been always wondering why such creatures do exist in this pretty world
They were worth not more than my old shoes, for heaven's sake!

She was crying now
Helpless weak beast!
If she couldn't take my words she would always be welcomed to find another place to work
Cheap being

Alone again
The most enjoyable moment I always loved
Admiring the lovely guy smiling at me from the looking glass
Dear Love,

How have you been doing? Are you busy with work and school and everything or are you just mellow as usual? Do you enjoy life? How was Geneva in fall? It must have freshened up your life a bit by now. I know you needed a holiday badly and I'm glad you were taking it.

I'm writing after having opened some albums of photos of ours, drawings I made concerning you and me, listening to your unusual but nice songs and most of all, remembering the precious time we spent together in a relatively short time, maybe.


I miss them.. a lot. Our memories, that are. I miss your eyes. The way you were looking at me softly (almost foggy) while observing my face and pimples. I miss those mischievious pairs when you were teasing me. I miss them when they wore no accessories but contact lenses. I miss to see the view of the rather deep part of the sea with its corals to beautify them in those pretty eyes.
I miss your curly messy hair that you have always been fussing about. Missing your slender rather skinny body and the way you moved around. I miss your cute face and your soft skin - remember I used to tell you that you should have been a female instead of a male?
I miss your spontaneous actions when I expected them the least. It was hell sweet to be carried on your back when I was a bit dizzy of a lil too much beer. How fun it felt when we rode back in the rain from the beach that afternoon. I miss the times when you cooked me pasta or any delicious food we ate together [I should really blame you for that, you know. Those tasty irresistable food really made me like an advertisement balloon. Grrr]. I loved the way you always picked me up in the station when I went back late at night - worrying that someone might do me some harm. I couldn't enjoy more the times when we sat in front of your computer playing Yuri's Revenge [me as a passive watcher, of course].

They were nice memories. I didn't regret a bit what we had done and how we enjoyed our relatively short but happy moments. I didn't even hate your bloody annoying mood swings that much. Though they were some of the reasons I got hurt so many times, they are still a worthy thing to save in the corner of my mind. Just in case you start bitching and I need to hate you.

I guess this is the best for us now. Being far, being near, being undescribable. Let the time decides and let us be happy in our own way. Though you will probably not read this, you just have to know.. that you are always alive in me.

Ohhh... why should we have Monday? And Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Friday? I've really had enough working. Tired tired tired. Bored bored bored. Why couldn't everyday be like last weekend... when we were having parties together. :(


Halloween Party at Excellogix.

It was a costume party, which everyone must wear unusual clothes - scary look prefered. We did. Only some folks did not really dress themselves up, but it was okay. We gave Rp 2,000.- to the EO (can I call you that, girls? hehehe) which is almost nothing! You can probably only drink a cup of coffee with that amount of money in a small warung, but no more else. So I did not expect to have any drinks or food served in that party, unlike some people. :P Well anyway, the money was well spent on the decoration, candies and a present for the winner of the best look. And it was one of the best parties ever in my life. Really... there was this lots and lots of laughs. If you were in a coma of an uncurable disease in the end of your life and you dreamt about this, you would die happily. 100% Guaranteed! And THAT's a compliment, Miss Miss E.O. :D Thanks for such a great party.

Well anyway.. for now.. just enjoy the pictures (I'm in every photo, of course. No protest, huh! This is my blog). Hehehe..

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