Day 87 of 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful for the rain that poured today."

After 2 months drought, the rain felt wonderful! Of course we had to get that while in Gili when we were supposed to have sun all day long. But it was all good. I loved this first rain, how the water splashed my face while I was paddling my bike to get to the nearest restaurant for shade, how the wind frantically moved the hanging cygogne-lookalike decoration, how the island boys got super happy and just jumped to the sea to have fun with the rain, and how my husband got really sleepy due to the breezy moment. I felt sleepy too but I decided to treasure this moment and kept it in my memory for the next months and maybe years to come.

I am so lucky. We are so lucky.

Day 86 of 365 grateful days project.

"I am grateful to have spent the most amazing first year of marriage with the most wonderful man in my life."

I can't say enough how blessed I am and how perfectly content I have been in the past 12 months. After 6 years relationship one must think that nothing changes when you decide to seal it in a marriage. In a way it feels like that, but in a way we also know that it doesn't exactly feel like that. There are many little things that I treasure in the life post-wedding. Little things that make everything matter.

I really enjoy marriage life. And there is no righter guy to spend it with than my hubby bibou.

Day 85 of the 365 grateful days project:

"I'm grateful to have an amazing breezy clean air in Gili Air all alone with hubby."

It just feels different.

When you live in Bali, you don't even dare to think of it as a holiday place. Every morning I anticipate the traffic jam, the people shouting at each other on the street, the road blocks, etc. Of course if I were a tourist, I wouldn't see Bali that way. Compared to many cities in and out of Indonesia, Bali is still a cool destination to go to with a lot of interesting places to discover. However, when you feel that you have discovered everything... it's time to see other islands.

And Gili Air was such a perfect place to cool off. No motor-anything, just dirt roads, bicycles, (almost) virgin beaches, and the smell of the sea mixed with fresh grass mixed with horsepoo (whaaat...). :)
But it's nature. And nature is a lot better than carbondioxided air.

I've been dozing off on a bale of Warung Santay while hubby is busy with his book (HE IS REALLY READING A BOOK! How vacation makes you do abnormal things).

The holiday starts out great. And it will be better tomorrow.

Day 84 of 365 grateful days:

"I am grateful to be going to Gili Air tomorrow for our first wedding anniversary weekend."

We need holiday, period. Both of us worked hard and I spent most of my time working and belly dancing, which lately felt like keeping us apart in a way.

After such an amazing 1920's wedding last year, this cannot happen! We need to bond even stronger than before! So I'm glad we decided to go for this short weekend getaway.

We are so looking forward to Saturday morning!