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My ex-colleague, Ayu, at EF Tegal hardly ever writes an email; I mean really really write something that she means to say or communicate with her contacts. But she is so much into sending forwarded chain mails (read: junks!). This is one of the very very few of them that I happened to open and read. I normally trash them away without even bothering to open the email.

And why am I bringing it up now? Because my dear cousin just emailed me the same thing! Similar, at least. Below I took from my cousin's email.

Pay attention to the end of the post. Sometimes I'm wondering if people who do send stuff like this are actually really afraid of the "threat" or just have nothing better else to do.

As for me for posting it in my blog and commenting on it, that's definitely because.... I WANT TO UPDATE MY BLOG BUT I JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO PUT MY MIND INTO MAKING A GOOD POST! *desperate*

VIRGOthat’s me.

The Perfectionisthmm… I’ve gone through this perfectionist stage. I don’t think I am anymore. Though I do still like to have the tendency to earn for the best, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Dominant in relationships. – I don’t know. I think I’m very tolerating. I speak my mind indeed, but I don’t force my ideas.

Conservative. – Who me? But as in which perspective of life is this conservativeness? I’m definitely NOT in some ways. ;)

Always wants the last word. – Not true. I’m very much into discussions and solution-making that’s agreed by both sides.

Argumentative. – Ah ya, I seem to have an answer to almost everything you say. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m opposing you. Sometimes I just do it to keep a communication alive.

Worries. – Sometimes. Not too much now. Now only limited to crucial or feeling-related stuff.

Very smart. – Indeed, I am. *smug*

Dislikes noise and chaos. – Once in a while. But I’m indifferent.

Eager. – Yeah.

Hardworking. – Hell, yeah. What do you think I'm doing now in this island of Bali working at two places (demi sesuap nasi) instead of partying and getting a guy in sight!

Loyal. – Yes! But unfortunately some people don’t think so, basing on very few misunderstandings. L

Beautiful. – Ah, well, I know you don’t want me to confirm this, anymore often than I already have.

Easy to talk to. – It appears to be true, I guess? Considering how many friends would like to share thoughts with me.

Hard to please. – I think it’s right. *sigh* Sorry.

Harsh. – Honestly… I think I am. Only to certain people who deserve it. But I can be very sweet as well.

Practical and very fussy. – Practical, yes. Very fussy, no. A little bit maybe, but not very.

Often shy. – Mwah.. yeah. Not that bad now, but used to be quite shy.

Pessimistic. – NO WAY. I’m very optimistic.

7 years of bad luck if you do not forward.Go to hell. I’ve got this a lot and I have got no imbalanced luck of good and bad.

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I got a ticket from a traffic police yesterday, for I didn't have a driver's license with me. I was like humm.. okay, just hand me the ticket. But the police officer "kindly" offered to have an "on-the-spot court" [read: bribe me, please oh pretty please]. I shrugged and told him I didn't have any cash with me. That was true. Just spent my last one for lunch a few hours before.
His other "kind" solution was for me to visit him at the police office to "settle the matter."

I was in a hurry for a teaching session at IALF, so I let him take the paper of the motorcycle I rented. I guess I do have to go to the police office tomorrow to get it finalised.

It was my fault, I have to admit. But I also couldn't quite appreciate this rather shameless attitude of openly asking to get bribed of these Balinese police officers. No wonder this country's progressing so slowly. Every single state-officer is crooked, no matter what their level is.

For this "kelas teri" traffic police officer, he'll be quite happy if he can get Rp 50,000 (or perhaps less?) from me and the other rule-breakers. But then again, multiply the number of us (which I believe is quite a lot) and sum up their total earning of this traffic papers bust. May be as well serve them more money than their monthly salary.

Consider that as a donation? Hmm...

A very Indonesian point of view, but at the same time so very true. Kebaya is a quick way to make Indonesian women look a million times more beautiful.

I just happened to find out that in Bali, Kuta especially, staffs of shops, restaurants and hotels are asked to wear kebaya (women) and a traditional clothing for men on Sundays. My neighbour of the same boarding house, Farida, told me that she was ought to wear the green kebaya she had customarily made when she went to the spa to work every Sunday. That's interesting. It's something I can't really get in where I work now (but please note that this is not a complaint). I mean, come on... my full time job with the journalist is cool. I could be wearing anything I like. Bikini is possible if I want (but why should I? haha). Just... I think it will be nice to have at least 1 kebaya in my collection (and I haven't really got clothing collection!). Let's see if I can buy or have it made one day.

The photo above, however, was taken on the 12th of October 2007 when I was interviewing people in relation with the Bali Bombing ceremony. Those girls work at the Guardian shop, in front of the Bali Blast monument in Kuta Bali. And they looked so pretty. Don't you agree?