So I was tagged by Sheila. Sorry it took a while to finally write 8 random things about me, but I don't know if anyone will care enough to read it. :P

1. I dislike sweet things. Don't bother to offer me sweets, honey, apple pie and other sweet food.
2. My left little finger was injured when I was playing cricket when I was still in the 5th grade. It made a crack sound when I got the ball stuck between my fingers. And if you look at it more carefully, it's actually not as normal as it previously was.
3. I started swimming just in January this year. (Finally after years of deep water phobia)
4. For some unknown reason, I often get stalked. Perhaps there is this invisible tag on my forehead that says, "Follow me. Please!"
5. I'm bad at sports. Almost any kind of sports.
6. I'm the queen of Trumps card game! At least I'd like to claim I am!
7. I can sleep 15 hours straight without even at once waking up. Not even for water and food.
8. I've a good mathematics skill.

Now tagging:

Now in case you don't know, the people I tag here should write 8 random things about him/herself. I'll wait for the journal, guys.


  1. Punya deep water phobia, tp akhirnya bs berenang jg? wah gmn tuh kiat2nya?? :D Aku gak punya water phobia tapi tetep gak bisa berenang jg :P

    Suka diikutin orang? @_@ kyk di film horror. Gmn ceritanya tuh? Trus akhirnya org2 yg membuntuti itu ngapain?

  2. kiat-kiatnya? ga ada tuh. paling juga diledekin sama teman2 dan akhirnya ga tahan pengen bisa berenang juga. haha. tapi intinya sih soalnya aku suka traveling and i've seen the most beautiful beaches but it was always so nasty cause i couldn't swim! the effort of beating the deep water phobia took years (since i was still with Marijn 4 years ago). but it was finalized by the help of Ernie, my friend in Tegal, and Pam (she helped a little, though). then i could swim. hooray! :D

    aduh cerita yg mana? kebanyakan. well once there was a guy who saw me on bemo and he made an aggressive move. i ignored him but when i got off the bemo and took another one, he got on the same bemo again and kept pushing me to give him my number. i didn't dare to stop where i should have, cause otherwise he'd detect where i worked. took 2 hours to get rid of him by keep changing bemo. freaky.

    oh and there was another one who followed me in rome. he stopped when i stopped and walked closely behind me all the time etc. when i finally had to take a small quiet alley to get back to my hotel, i was worried it would be too dangerous, so i stopped walking at a piazza (square) and asked him to stop stalking me. he thought it was a good opportunity for a conversation so he started boasting about rome and vatican city and that he could take me to this and that place. i refused politely, but then he became too obvious and pushy and i went very upset. told him to stay away from me. he was still persistent to take me out.. until at some certain point i yelled at him to get lost. everyone's head turned to our direction, he was overwhelmed and scared and left me, finally.

    there were some others but really, not too fun to know and experience.

  3. Iya aku jg sayang banget rasanya kalo liat pantai bening2 tapi gak bisa berenang. Tapi sampe sekarang masih tetep gak bisa berenang jg :D. Mungkin karena jarang traveling jd liat pantainya gak sesering Carla, jadi motivasinya timbul-tenggelam :D

    Ih mengerikan bgt ya pengalaman dibuntutin kyk gitu, klo aku sih mgkn udh freaked out.
    Dan capek banget pula mesti buang waktu 2 jam buat nyingkirin stalkernya :D Tp stuju, mmg harus ati2.. Very good careful moves, Carla.

  4. hahahaha you have Stalker-Material La, it is not written on your forehead, it's simply you. Hehehehe, kasian amat sih dibuntuti orang2 yg ngga bermutu sampe harus ganti2 bemo.

    Btw La, it's supposed to be "random facts", not "bragging facts", hahahahahaha. Queen of Trumps? Good at math? Sekalian pasang iklan jodoh gratis kah??? Hehehehe...

  5. ih, maksud loe?!?!?! enak aja stalker material. I don't want them to stalk me!

    bragging facts are still a kind of random facts. so they qualify!!! hehe... and that's the truth! me being the Queen of Trumps and good at math. Ask the guys i hang out with, they will agree with me! err.. except one, maybe, who would always like to claim himself as the best cardgamer on earth!

  6. hmm interesting sekali random things nya, kayanya punyaku ko ga bermutu :P

    anyhooow, homework done missy!

  7. btw, Family Guy miriiip banget ama the Simpsons. stupid husband dan istri yg selalu jadi penyelamat keluarga .. tp tetep aja lucu bwat ditonton .. check this: http://www.tv-links.co.uk/listings/2/143
    mrk punya link beberapa episodes disitu :)

  8. So I heard. Maksud loe gua harus download gitu dari internet? Bisa setahun kali. :D Kucari DVD bajakannya aja. Pasti ada deh. Hwahahaha...

  9. coolz hadirr...hehehe...