Britney Spears: You Hate Her or You Love Her

Lately Pyorr has been so fond of this what-they-call singer. Britney Spears. She, therefore, requests every DJ in the upstairs room to play her whole album and repeat it over and over again. For hours. Every day.

Britney Spears

I personally have already disliked her for years. I mean I THINK... what she can actually be proud is every physical thing she possesses both from birth or transplantation and great dance movements EXCEPT good voice! I know it's a matter of taste, you'll say. But I really can't call her choked weird plain voice proper for an international singer. To me, it's the music beats that's cool. It's the energic sexy dance that's attractive in our eyes. It's the body that men long to see and women to dream of having.

But closing my eyes, deafing my ears from the background music and concentrating on her only voice, I really really wouldn't even get her in for the World Idol or smaller singing competitions if I were the jury. Sorry, Brit, but it's the truth. Your voice sucks.

Now I have to be ready with my earphones everytime I hear her music played by Bing2 or Denni or Nyo after Pyor's persuaded them to. Pppphhhhffffftttttttt!!!!!!!!!


  1. yah.. seperti kamu bilang la' selera orang kan lain2. Menurutku suaranya ok-ok aja kok apalagi kalo dibandingin penyanyi karbitan negara kita :P. Itulah dunia Entertainment, penyanyi ga jual voice-nya aja tapi hal lain juga yg kadang kurang diperhatikan (penampilan, kemolekan tubuh dll). Lihat tuh Agnes Monica, suaranya biasa2 aja, aktingnya juga ga bagus amat, tapi karena management-nya bagus dia bisa go internasional... yah kayak britney lokal gitu lah.

  2. Aku ngerti sepenuhnya mengenai taste Lens. Krn itulah semua alasan diatas aku golongkan MENURUT AKU. Masalahnya.. kalo udah HARUS mendengarkannya berulang-ulang (with a loud speaker) tiap saat, orang bisa jengkel juga. Wajar-wajar aja sih suka. Tapi gimana kalo beli earphones and didengerin sendiri?

    Pas aku suka lagu Watch Your Back dan orang2 pada ga suka ya aku akhirnya dengerin sendiri.

  3. Ehm.. ada baiknya juga kalo temenmu kamu pinjemin earphone-mu biar ga terganggu hehehe

  4. instead of telling in blog, why don't u suggest her to use the earphone and tell her that the voice sounded so irritating in ur ear? :)

    I like her dance, actually. She's okay-lah. Her voice sucks? ok. buat we all have to salute her hard work to be at the top;) eventhough some gained from bad publicities... hehehe

  5. First of all, I like some of Brit song ^^. Second, Pyor has no soundcard on her compie.So,she can't hear it by her own. I think she'd like to hear it by her own.

  6. Coolz, I thought you knew me and surely I know myself. I've been telling her my opinions about playing it too often. And since it didn't work at all, I wrote it here though I don't really expect things would change. But hey.. this is my blog, I can write anything I want to write.

    And let's get things straight up, will we? I DID say that taste was different from one another, I don't mind with that.. but let's consider other users/ears in the same room, right.. I have always been OK when people play her songs once in a while in SHUFFLE mode. THEN it was not like listening to her concert or something.

    Nyo, thanks for clearing things up.. but still, if only they were played in shuffle mode amongst any other songs of different singers, it would have been no problem. So Pyor can be happy listening, and everybody else will not mind, either.

  7. Hehehe......hahahahhaaaa......
    PADAHAL aku SAMA ama u carla dear!!! aku jg ga pernah suka suara nya, she s just a pop product! no more! Tapi lague enak dan cara dia improve dlm nyanyi bagus:p aku juga DISAGREE bgt ama cara dia nari dan berpakaian.

    Hehehe sori ya dah membuatmu bete, i read ur YM status but i think ur flexible one. Since the speaker not always please evrone, u suggest bring ur earphone! Malah ga kasian aku ta???? kopmputerku ga ada sound card e, huhuhuuh aku mbawak walkman dewe iku lo!!! baterine buorossss!!!


  8. Brit doesn't have the best quality voice, but it doesn't suck either. I don't think the Disney singing club where she learned to sing is a bad club. But what the heck. People don't always need the quality. Most people listen to music to get refreshed, enjoy the music, not judge the quality. That's why she is today's pop queen. She doesn't bother to be in a singing competition, or get a grammy, or the likes. That won't make her popular or rich. The important thing is that she knows what most people need. A simple and easy song, lovely singer, ultimate body, and unique voice. Yes, unique doesn't mean good, but people will get bored of the numerous high quality singers that aren't unique. Entertainment and musical art are different things. Britney is an entertainer not a musician. And she is a good (if not the best) entertainer, today.

    Of course pop music means you love it fast, you hate it fast. And if you listen it over and over and over in a period, you'll hate it even faster. Same here.

  9. Huehehe.. I knew I would get so many comments when I posted this. I was expecting that. :)

    Pyor Garfield, thanks for clarifying. I was wondering about it coz I knew that Brit was not your type of music and once you liked it, you really become a FAN of her. It was pretty shocking for me. And my ears. :))

    Denni, I agree with you in your last paragraph. Probably coz it's so easy-listening that if we listen to it too continously it will even ruin our whole opinion. Even IF it concerned another song which wasn't easy-listening. Everything too much is never good.

  10. Just a sharing from me: ^___________^"
    I dunno if u guys noticed, but u should be in my position... I don't have a soundcard in my computer too, and I sit rite beside the comp that has the only sound speaker. I only have 2 choices; force myself to listen the similar fuckin' boring music from the speaker or bring my own radio/ whateva... I've made the 3rd conclusion.... Trade with my other neighbor. If he doesn't use his earphone I am using it... (and only if he doesn't use it) or he can hear my radio sometimes. I know not everyone could get such a sweet neighbor like I do, but that's what we call adjusting. Sometimes when I'm out of battery in my walkman and my other neighbor is using his earphones, I just say to my colleague who has the sound speaker to switch with radio, or when I'm jutek and think that he is playing terrible/ too loud songs I just told him to change those boring songs. Ye ll at him if I need to. We often fight alright, but with no hurt feelings after that:> I've said what I needed to said. And he understood.

  11. (Quoting garfield: "aku jg ga pernah suka suara nya, she s just a pop product! no more! Tapi lague enak dan cara dia improve dlm nyanyi bagus")

    what was that supposed to mean? Just admit that you like her. It's ok.

  12. [quoting coolz]
    (Quoting garfield: "aku jg ga pernah suka suara nya, she s just a pop product! no more! Tapi lague enak dan cara dia improve dlm nyanyi bagus")

    what was that supposed to mean? Just admit that you like her. It's ok.
    [end quoting]

    I also remember how she commented that Lindsay Lohan sucked as hell. Her songs was boring, of low class, and cheap. But recently she listened to Lindsay like she listened to Britney. But she won't admit it. Um, what did I call this kind of person?

  13. Hahaha evrthin is under controll becoz my 2 sweet neighbours! (aku dipekso klarifikasi iki)
    Tanpa susah n repot (krn aku pemalu bukan ga proaktif) aku dipinjemi earphone e dendeng, dengerin musik dr komputere pepe! wakakakaak

    Thanks guys!! *senyum licik* ga peduli lagi denger budheg soale