Back and Black


I'm back. And black.

I enjoyed so much every time I spent in Bali. Especially the New Year's eve party. It was the coolest and the best party ever!

We started it with a dinner at 21:00 [we = Arief, Rina and friends, mommy and me] and we parted at 23:00 since:
A. Arief was going to his sex party.
B. Mom thought she was too old for clubbing.
C. Rina's friends were just not born for parties. Bleh..

It made our mood change, however, that we were not going to congrat each other at twelve sharp that night.. but whatever.. Rina and I decided to stick on the plan and crossed the street to Paddy's club.

After paying a ridiculous amount of money for the cover charge, we got in and ordered our drinks. Not long after, people -- both men and women -- were attracted to the unique handbag Steve bought me as a Christmas present. It is made of coconut shell and designed as cute and lovely as possible to fit some money and credit cards.. That was a good start to turn my frown upside down.

We danced then. Hardly stopped dancing - except when we needed to go for the toilet, which I often did as a result of drinking beer - until it strucked 12. Everybody was counting down from


I hugged Rina and wished her a happy new year in the middle of the crowds screaming and applausing... As soon as we parted I looked up and saw these so many balloons of many colours fall down from the ceiling, as well as colourful paper cut into pieces and soapy bubbles that made the floor wet.

B e a u t i f u l.

Feeling something, I turned my head to the left and caught a pair of gorgeous eyes of a Latino guy staring at me. In a few seconds he moved his way to me, kissed me on the cheek and whispered me a happy merry new year. Uahhhh.... so............... lovely!!!

We danced again and this time an accident happened. The cigarrette of the previous latino guy landed on my wrist. Ouch... He was a bit surprised and murmured that he was sorry and kissed my wrist. Pretty intimately. Ohhhh....

I was grateful I put some perfume on it before leaving. Hihi..

- 2 hours later... drinking my second beer -

Everyone was getting hotter and sweaty all over, including me and Rina. She was trying to get rid of some guys who were after her pretty nastily. I looked up at the stage when someone up there encouraged me to go up as well.

Not knowing what got into me, I stepped up and danced. On the stage. While holding my small bottle of beer I started to dance and saw Rina give me her fist up. Hehe.. I told her to go up, too, if she didn't want to be alone there. She did, after a few minutes, and after a charming guy asked her to. :D I turned around and danced... and saw this handsome guy on my back giving a gesture for me to move closer to him. I did. And we danced. Hot one.

I just enjoyed the music.
Enjoyed the sweat of mine and his.
Enjoyed his really really masculine bare chest.
Looking up, enjoyed his little hair spreaded on his chin and cheeks.
Enjoyed his breath on my neck.

Enjoyed his breath on my neck?

Did I feel his breath on my neck or his lips on it?!
I wasn't sure.. but I looked up and saw his lips. They smiled. Looked upper and saw his eyes. They also smiled. Man, he was gorgeuous, I thought.

Still dancing, I think I put my lips onto his shoulder. Did I? Well whatever.. everything was so fast when I felt his lips brushing mine.

Did he kiss me? Eyes half open, I tried to think and see more clearly. He did kiss me. OMG omg omg omg omg omg omg................................................................. OH MY GOD!!!!

But I didn't have time to think and decide. I just felt that I just needed to feel. And that was all I did. I kissed him back.


After an eternal while, we broke off; he smiled and whispered: "Thank you."

No no no I should have said that! I thanked him for that! It broke the spell of my saint-like life these past one year and a half. Since 27 September 2003. I thank you, I said in heart..

The whole cool situation was ruined by an Australian girl bursting between us; she faced me and shaked her fingertip right in front of my face.


He's got a girlfriend.

I shrugged and left.. not for a bit second feeling sad.. It was just okay and I just felt like laughing. I did.. laugh and smile all the time. The spell was broken. I'm free!!!

Just then I realized that I had got my new year's resolution.

I am beautiful. As always. And will be more beautiful this year and years after --- for all aspects in life --- I'll become a better person. At least I'll try hard on it.


It was soooo...... good to be bitchy.


  1. *applausing hard* hahaha.....your crazy move really worth it la *lol* always follow your heart hihihi...
    and lucky u "she" didn't harm you hahahaha

  2. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Hehehe... Yeahhh lucky me! I was actually imagining something wilder like shown on TV... girls scratching and pulling hair, kicking and screaming for a guy. Hahahaha...

    I was thinking a lot about the kiss the day after but I decided not to think and analyse again. Afterall, I didn't even know his name of where in Aussie he's from. Sometimes things are just lovely when we let it be... originally like that.

    Though I did wonder that he might be a VERY good lover. hahahaha.. it was a shame he'd got a gf. The girl might not have a very happy new year that night. hihi..


  3. Damn.. I didn't see that it was in an anon mode!

  4. Bravo, Carla... wuhuuu... Did you kiss him in front of your mum? :O Or your mum just stayed at the hotel? Hmmm, hmm... it's always to know for sure that we are still attractive, right? ;) hehehe... get a lover?

  5. Coolz, my mom was in the hotel. We parted after dinner. But eventhough she was there, she wouldn't mind me kissing on the stage. She is very open-minded and was a challenge lover when she was young as well. So.. it was not a bit of a problem. As a matter of fact, I told her all about it. :D

    And yessss, I felt beautiful!

  6. HuHuiii lalaaaa....
    kayaknya besok2 kamu bakal kayak mamamu gtu ya, kl anak ceweknya kissing easy going aja...hehe...
    lagi mabok ya pas itu??:D
    Very unforgetable experience huh?
    Hope u'll find the best this year :)

  7. Petite Smurf: Absolutely unforgettable! But on your note, I wasn't drunk. The alcohol had me a bit (made me smiley and stuff), but I was not at all drunk or dizzy or something.

  8. hehe you go girl, definately a very good way to start a year ;)

  9. btw, whats wit my template again? hehe just curious

  10. Hi Mea,

    I meant: change your link to me [from to]

    That has something to do with the template, right? :)

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