A unique and charming 24-year-old woman is looking for a highly potential boyfriend! She is fun, adventurous and a great lover! She enjoys learning languages and going to the movies, concerts or theaters. She always looks forward to good food and cool companion.

A funny guy who is caring, smart, and proportional (mind and body). He should be about 27 – 35 and most importantly, financially stable. If you are not stable yet, at least you are hardworking and have a vision.

If you think you are qualified, just drop your comment on this post, or contact Madam Carla, the Matchmaker.

WARNING: This is a very serious post!


  1. Kirain kamu wes desperate la XD
    sejak kapan jadi comblang? mbok dicomblangin dulu diri sendiri :p

    kenapa dikirim ke aku?
    aku barusan tawarin temen kantorku koq ga ada yg mau ya :p

  2. ah payah. aku kan hanya berbuat baik aja. ceweknya keren kok. masa ga ada yg suka? jangan-jangan temen2 kantormu pada ga normal semua. wakakakaka

  3. POTO SAPA ITU??? Loe yang poto? dimana poto2 terbaru mu?

  4. kok malah komen fotonya. mbok cariin jodoh buat dia. :D temanku disini.
    i have taken down my website... so the newest photos (which are rarely updated) are still on http://akar.deviantart.com

  5. Wah! daftar donk! jd peserta tp ne duduk gawe tmnmu iki. Ohya, ga ada keterangan ras? bukan rasis tp itu termasuk option loh selain berat, tinggi, sifat for some guy

  6. lah.. kok malah bisnis. kamu juga nyari pasangan hidup, toh, pyor? ras bole juga nyantumin kalo mau. tp untuk beberapa orang itu kan ga masalah.

  7. lalala.... di tegal g ada biro jodoh tah ? memulai usaha baru ? ;))

  8. hahahaha nyo sang potograper tertarik ama potonya tok tuh la :))
    wantu baca judulnya tak pikir ya kamu....ternyata bukan. nek cari jodoh masukin di jodoh.com ae la huehehehuehe. nek posting di blog terbatas pasarannya

  9. HEY PEOPLE ! Do you mind ? There are people here who don't speak a single word of bahasia indonesia ! :p

  10. yah, mestinya ada lah biro jodoh di tegal. dan mestinya juga, my friend is more than capable to get a boyfriend by herself, but we're just as bored as hell here that we made up something like this. but as i said, it was all serious. she's tired of her complicated relationship and wants a new guy.

    jodoh.com sih ga menarik, shier. ga ada yg kenal. :D disini kan lucu2 semua.

  11. hey johann babe, my readers are mostly from indonesia and some don't really speak english though they understand it. but at least i wrote the article in ENGLISH! i happen to know a guy who always writes his blog in French and I don't understand any bit of it. :P


  12. Meh.

    I don't have a blog anymore. So, shut the fuck up.


  13. hahaha... loser.

  14. Who is stuck in a third world country without any men to fuck around with ? ;)

    One point for me, honey.

  15. booh..

    there's a big difference between not having and not being capable of getting. i can certainly have any man i want, but i choose not to. not in this town, at least.

    i'm picky and i go for the good and the best. i don't lose anything in that case.

  16. hahaha serious;y??!!! .. i'll send it to Amsterdam Weekly for Äd of the Day"maybe we'll get money out of it :P

  17. hey mia, sounds like a great deal. let's run the business. lol.

  18. hey there sexy....
    well its in your shoes now, you know what to do!

  19. hey matt... i'm considering it, i'm considering it. it's really tempting.

  20. Anonymous4:48 pm

    mba Carla Thanks vv much for your greeting
    maafin segala kesalahan saya yah :D


  21. sama-sama, Atas. :)

  22. i admire the photo.
    its really COOL.

    Tegal..Tegal.. a remote and urban city lacking of qualified ONS men is certainly a place i can not live in.

    anyway, carla. could u introduce me to Johann? *wink (insting pemburu mulai tumbuh.)

  23. hahaha... za, i can introduce him to you. but there is a 99% chance that there will never be anything between u and him.

  24. shoot!

    well then.. could u be my matchmaker also? post here my best pic u've taken once in shierly's apartment. i lost all the files while still in alto.

    or u might arrange a blind date for me and ur cute-and-ONS'able boy friend here in bali???

    (*desperate mode: ON)

  25. ok ok. already 2 more customers. who else want me to matchmake??? :D

  26. Everything that comes into your life, you've attracted into your life.

    You've always been my favorite person in the world, and I can say that literally for you, of course, are clear across the opposite side of the globe from me.

    One of my favorite quotes, "Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right." I choose to think I can. I won't give up on you for you've been there for me when I was at my worst, and I owe you more than you can accept. I will love you with everything within me.

    I still believe, Carla. And you are the only one who creates your reality.

    You may find yourself a boyfriend, but there is no-one who will ever love you as much as I do.


  27. Hey Kenny, what's up? :) That's a very sweet thing for you to say,. Really. Thank you!

    But look at the pic more closely. Yep! It's not me!!! Hehehe... I was matchmaking a friend here.

    And some other friends coming up. I should run a business!