Festival Jajanan Bango

This post is to give you an advance notice that I will be submitting posts in Bahasa Indonesia in the next couple of weeks in relation with my wish to enter the Festival Jajanan Bango blog contest. I mean, combine food and photography and writing, how can I possibly get away from this Rp 100 million in total prize contest?

Okay, wish me luck.


  1. Go carla!!! you can do it!!

  2. Best of luck. What will you do if you win?

  3. Hi there,
    I like your informative blog.

  4. I can understand how "informative" it is with the "frequent" update :P

    About the festival jajanan bango, apparently I knew shortly from Coolz after I wrote this post that it was only to blog about the festival and not the traditional food as mentioned in the website, which obviously disqualified Bali residents with the absence of the festival itself here.