mood: mixture of happy, pissed and impatient

I'm in Yogya!

Arrived here last night and was terribly hungry. I was supposed to meet my friend, Pyor, and she had not arrived yet. After taking a shower, I went out and got myself a very late supper at midnight... and gotta take a longer way back to the hotel cause the road was blocked with a wayang performance.

She was already there when I arrived back at the hotel. We shared some stories etc. before going to sleep. But guess what.. like a deja vu... everytime I travel with Pyor, she always forgets to bring her toothbrush! I mean... how come you forget such an important thing when traveling? :P

Anyway, we had a good sleep. Though we woke up too early for a vacation time. 07:00!!!

But Bladok Hotel (my favourite hotel in Yogya) has a swimming pool, so we started our day today swimming. It was good!

We left the hotel after breakfast at around 10 o'clock and went by pedicab to nearby stores and Taman Sari (a bathing palace for the princesses and mistresses of the Sultanate in the former days). I bought some bakpia for family and a cute batik skirt for myself.

A bit different from my normal routines of being a photographer when traveling, this time I was the model. You have to admit that I got a look, eh! Hehehe... Anyway, the results were pretty good. Though in some pictures I prefered to have different angles but it was ok lah.

Stupid thing happened, though. At the bathing pool, I got half my body in with my new batik skirt (I wore white shorts inside) and I completely forgot that I had my cell in my pocket!
When I realised it, it was already too late. The cell was definitely soaked and dead! Huuuuu.... *sob* I was so stupid stupid stupid.

Now I'm cellphone-less again. It's still on warranty, though. But I'm not very sure if it covers this for it was caused by my own carelessness. Dammit!

Plus... when we got out of the palace, our pedicab driver had left us. Son of a *****. It was a good thing I had not paid him yet!

Ah well... Ciao for now.
Watching: Finding Neverland

Yes yes, I know. It's a little too late to watch this movie starred by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. But I finally watch Finding Neverland and was trully amazed with it. I liked the messages and actually in real, I am all to believe that anything, ANYTHING, exists when you believe it exists.

Since I've been drown in my own worries about the (possible) change of jobs the end of this month, the movie helps me realise that the right answer may never come when you block your clear minds with worries. It hasn't worked that well so far for me to decide what I should do in the next chapter of my career life.. but it's tickled the back of my mind that I should be calmer (I do appear calm, I believe, but not really when I'm alone) when thinking about this.

Hope I'll find the best decision for me and for all. But any moral support? Should I stay or should I move?

Anyway... I've resized some pictures I made with Ernie. We experimented with some hair rolls we just bought. Though it was quite an effort, I think I looked good with curly hair. Hehe...
Our last session in Tegal.
Here you go.