I hate Indon blog.

I was fuming when I read the most recent post which summarized why the owner of this blog hated Indon -- a sarcastic addressing of Indonesian people (by Malaysian), more in the sense of Indonesians being the overseas workers (read: domestic maids) in Malaysia, which carries the low appreciation in the country's society.

I had to honestly agree with some of those points, but I was patriotically infuriated, nevertheless. Until I read the comments, most of which were posted by Indonesian people with piling rage (blushes to the language they used!).

Then it brought me to reality that... this is a circular thing. I mean... are the Malaysians really that brutal or was there anything else behind this insulting piece of writing? Indonesian did create this www.malingsia.com (Maling = thief) in response to the case of the "shared" history between both countries, each of which claims to own the heritage culture of say... batik, traditional songs (Rasa Sayange) or even language! So aren't we also brutal then?

And a few years back, similar things also happened, no?

It will never ever stop, will it? The jealousy both Indonesia and Malaysia have for each other. Now I kind of understand why most of the hostels in Kuala Lumpur kicked me off (post: Indonesian? Not Accepted) when I was trying to get a bed there just this year, solely because I am an Indonesian.

Indonesia Matters is the only blog that we (Carol and I) need to frequently (daily!) check for Fabio. Its content is mostly about serious but interesting matters that are happening in Indonesia (mostly of politics, religion and other big stuff about the country). For you who despise politics in general, it may not appear as a quite interesting blog whose RSS you want to subscribe, but if you like intelligent topics, this site is a good one to read. I'm most interested in reading its rather sarcastic contents and hilariously funny comments and/or arguments that were dropped by the visitors of the blog. So bottomline is I really recommend you to read this blog!

Today I just happened to do the newsbrief of Indonesia (and not the other countries) so I browsed Indonesia Matters. And there, it listed a huge number of Top 100 Indonesian blogs (or of expats who live in Indonesia). I continued surfing on the English-written blogs section, and there! My blog is listed there #58 (at the moment I checked it), with its page rank from Google, Yahoo and other search engines!!! I don't know about you, but I think it was soooo cool.

I realise that I don't post blogs too often (I'm terribly busy!), but this encourages me to keep this blog alive. So expect another post soon! Yay!