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What makes a girl's day?

When she found a great new restaurant 2 minutes from her workplace that serves the BEST salad she's ever tasted.

This restaurant is called Braga Garden. As its name suggests, it looks like a garden or a forest from the outside. I've been wanting to come there ever since before it was opened. I LOVE the greens and vintage feelings inside with all the antiques they have. I'd go there just for the ambiance. So when I tasted the food, OH. MY. GOD. I fell in love with this place!

I'm not a big salad buyer.
I'll correct that: I am a PICKY salad buyer. I don't like dressing that is too sour, too sweet, too mayonnaise-y, and the list can go on. If I want to eat salad, I'll make the salad on my own to match my taste bud.
However, I wasn't that hungry at the time. I was with a friend who was much less adventurous in trying new restaurants, and she was in only for coffee. So, when she saw me going to the 7th sky for my salad, she gave it a try and immediately ordered another plate of salad of different variant.

You're welcome, Huri!

To top it off, they allowed me to dance my latest choreography in this vintage setting so that I could make a nice video clip of it. Here is a snippet of the dance!

To visit:

Braga Garden Restaurant & Lounge
Address: Jalan Kunti II No.99X, Denpasar, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Open today · 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Time flew by. The day Jun and Ron had waited had finally come and it was nothing but a huge success! It was one of the most wonderful weddings I have ever attended; partly thanks to the Chinese fun wedding traditions and the hillarious salsa-minded invitees!

It was a small wedding by Chinese Indonesian standard, only 150 guests. But it was beautiful and touching. Most of all, I was so happy to be there, next to my best friend as her maid of honour, witnessing the happiest time of her life.

I wish you a happy marriage life, my Jun. I am positive Ron will take a good care of you until you grow wrinkles together.

What is it with my friends lately? They are all getting married within one month and all having us wear pink dresses. Pink must be the new black!

We had an awesome bachelorette party for my friend, Eleonore, a few weeks back. The dress code was pink. So a lot of us had to go shopping beforehand for pink dresses! Here was what I picked for that party.
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I will be the maid of honour at my BFF's wedding this coming Saturday. She had her sister send me this hot pink fabric. I got the design consulted with Jun a few weeks before. She said her husband-to-be's family is rather conservative so nothing transparent or open. So I sent it to my tailor and here goes the result:
And then few days ago I saw the other bridesmaid's dress and it was pretty open. Hahahaha...

It's been a really LONG while since I last blogged. Obviously my 365 grateful days project didn't work when life actually happens. I've been busy with many things, work and play both. But here I am back blogging. Trying to put good 15 minutes or so to write or upload something.

If you wish to know what I have been up to the past couple of years, you can check out my Instagram account. I actually found it easier to just post photos and write short captions there.

The photo above is of Nicola, my neighbour kid who constantly calls me as her second mom. I've been making photos for her real mom's fashion brand, Anila Tails. Check my photography facebook page for more photos.

Adios for now!