Merry Christmas, Everybody!!!!!

It's one of the best times in the year that I always wait for. I'm no religious and I probably go to church twice in a year - Christmas and Easter - and these past few years it was just good that I could go once. :P But I just looove Christmas. It's the togetherness that I cherish. It's the laugh. The hugs and kisses. The bright eyes and gleaming face of my family when they open the Christmas gifts. The hands holding others when praying. The most delicious food that mama cooks and the cookies I bake. The reviews and forgivenesses [yes, my family reviews things at Christmas and not in New Year's eve]. Have I mentioned togetherness?

My time is mostly occupied outside working. 12 hours a day. When I get back home, it's only tiredness that I feel and sleep is what I need. I lack communication with my dear family and am lucky enough to eat momma's food once when she packs me some lunch box. Saturday and Sunday are also busy times.. private teaching time. :P So... I'm really looking forward to sitting on the floor of my house tonight celebrating Christmas with my family. There is no Christmas tree this year. It's a symbol anyway. And my mother likes it that way cause her children do only like to decorate the tree and NOT undo it when it's over. So she'll have to do all the nasty job every year. Hehehe..

And waiting for tomorrow. Going to Bali with my mom for a week! It's been ages since she went there, OR any other places for holidays, the last time. It's really a payback of what she's done so willingly for us, her weird children, these so many years. Thank you, Mama... I hope you'll enjoy our vacation. :)

And for my dear Alto friends.. Merry Christmas to you alllllll!!! I love you and all the happy time we've spent so far. I can't probably find another working place with a better environment than here. :D So, thank you.

I'll try to get connected to the internet during my vacation in Bali and blog every once a while.

See ya next year!!!
Lately Pyorr has been so fond of this what-they-call singer. Britney Spears. She, therefore, requests every DJ in the upstairs room to play her whole album and repeat it over and over again. For hours. Every day.

Britney Spears

I personally have already disliked her for years. I mean I THINK... what she can actually be proud is every physical thing she possesses both from birth or transplantation and great dance movements EXCEPT good voice! I know it's a matter of taste, you'll say. But I really can't call her choked weird plain voice proper for an international singer. To me, it's the music beats that's cool. It's the energic sexy dance that's attractive in our eyes. It's the body that men long to see and women to dream of having.

But closing my eyes, deafing my ears from the background music and concentrating on her only voice, I really really wouldn't even get her in for the World Idol or smaller singing competitions if I were the jury. Sorry, Brit, but it's the truth. Your voice sucks.

Now I have to be ready with my earphones everytime I hear her music played by Bing2 or Denni or Nyo after Pyor's persuaded them to. Pppphhhhffffftttttttt!!!!!!!!!
I forgot to pick my new ATM card yesterday so I did it this morning after teaching.

I was planning to take taxi at first but another teacher came up with an idea of eating the famous Soto Ayam Lamongan beside SMUN 17. Everyone agreed and I just couldn't turn it down, though I'd had my breakfast before starting my day. Damn, no wonder I keep getting fatter. It should be my friends' fault! Hihihi.. Well anyways, what made the soto more delicious was cause our manager paid everything we ate. Yeaaahhh! I was saving some money for lunch, fo' sho'!!!

Well from there, I took bemo RT [no more taxi, cause it was just too far and I did concern my financial issue this month]. I switched to bemo UBB, after asking so many times to some bemo drivers if they were going to Kayoon, and arrived just in front of the bank's gate. I craved for some small notes to pay the bemo driver, but couldn't even find Rp 1,000!!! [The fare is Rp 1,500 for far destination]

"Do you have the change for a Rp 50,000,-?" asked me to the driver.

He shook his head. I sighed and prepared a sad face or whatsover excuses and dag every single coin I had in my purse and bag.

I could only collect Rp 950.

I grinned when the bemo stopped and told the driver that was all I'd got. He smiled and said that it was okay.


Yeah I relieved, but felt kinda bad at the same time. His vehicle didn't get so many passengers that time. Very minimum. :( I shouldn't have made him broke even more by having not enough money. :P

But hey.. I got my new ATM card!!! After 2 or 3 years living without! *rolling eyes*

When I left the bank, I also planned to get a taxi to the office. But heck, there were not so many decent taxi available and I was in the centre of the town! Tsk tsk tsk..

So I took the first bemo I saw, and apparantly it was a wrong one, that took me to the farthest part of Surabaya (from my house). Jembatan Merah. Huaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Well I was not very much in the mood. The heat was absolutely impossible, traffic jams were everywhere, I was tired and sleepy and I was stuck in the middle of two very fat people, one of whom WAS SO FUCKIN' SMELLY!

My bad luck.

I seemed to spend ages from one bemo to another to get to the office. Ekkk!!!

Well anyways, I entertained myself by filling in a quiz I got from Gabus. This was the result.
You're a Classic Cup 'O' Joe.
You're a Classic Cup 'O' Joe!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well... does classic also mean boring? :P
I am clumsy. Always have been. But last weekend was really yukky and funny at the same time.

I was watching Along Came Polly on Saturday when my stomach felt kinda weird. I paused the movie and ran to the toilet to relieve the most natural important urge I hardly do regularly - poopie...

Well I was still wearing my eyeglasses so I took them off and hang them in the front collar of my pajamas. Then they suddenly fell off. Right to the toilet.

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

It was so damn GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was panicked and took them out of the shit and wash them three times. But oh it was soooo... nasty. I didn't dare to wear them that whole day.

Hooray, I had the mood to bake a cake again!

I just bought a new special cake recipe book yesterday and thought I'd practise one of them this morning. According to the testimonials of those who already ate it, it was delicious! And they're not dead yet. hehehe..

Well, let's make it short and check my new recipe out.

Sponge Cake

  • 180 gr sugar
  • 100 gr margarine or butter
  • 6 eggs (if the eggs are small, make it seven)
  • 20 gr maizena flour
  • 150 gr plain flour
  • 15 gr powder milk
  1. heat the butter on a small fire and leave it till it's cold.
  2. mix the sugar and eggs until it's thick and leaves pretty long trail when you move it. let's approximate it to 20 to 30 minutes mixing. start with speed 1, change the speed to 3 or 5 when it's well mixed, switch it to speed 2 and make sure that there's no bubbles on the dough, go to speed 1 and keep mixing until there's no single bubble then turn the mixer off.
  3. pour flour, maizena and milk little by little and stir slowly with a wooden spoon.
  4. put the melted butter into the dough little by little and stir well.
  5. pour the dough into a medium tin can (with some baking paper on) and bake for 35 minutes in a preheat 160 degree celcius oven.
Sponge cake is ready to eat!
A friend, Valens, inspires this post. It's actually a comment I gave in his post. But I think it's kinda good. I didn't know that it was until I reread it again.

Mengapa manusia menanyakan arti cinta...
Mengapa manusia menanyakan arti kasih...
Mengapa manusia tidak menjalani hidupnya apa adanya dan tidak menganalisa SETIAP DETAIL kehidupannya...
Bukankah dengan begitu dia akan lebih bisa menikmati hidup dan hidup sepenuh-penuhnya?

Cinta datang tanpa diminta
Kasih datang tanpa diminta
Tidak peduli pada siapa dan bagaimana bentuk seseorang
Cinta akan tetap datang pada waktunya
Kalau ada seseorang yang datang dengan cinta
Tapi tidak kamu cintai
Janganlah menyalahkan hati yang beku
Karena selalu ada orang-orang tertentu yang dapat mencairkannya
Dia hanya belum datang.

Denni and I were the ones left at the office, as usual. We packed our things and checked everything before leaving home. And suddenly he couldn't lock the garage! He was trying and trying for about half an hour and I helped a little, though it didn't affect anything, but there was still no result! *cry cry cry*

It's 10:35 p.m. now and I'm soooo.... sleepy and tired from working 3 shifts since 8 this morning and I'M STILL HERE waiting for Denni's refilled energy.

Unable so lost,
I can't find my way,
Been searching, but I have never seen,
A turning, a turning from deceit.

‘Cause the child roses like,
Try to reveal what I could feel,
I can't understand myself anymore,
‘Cause I'm still feeling lonely,
Feeling so unholy.

‘Cause the child roses like,
Try to reveal what I could feel,
And this loneliness,
It just won't leave me alone, oh no.
[Portishead - Numb]

That's just exactly the way I feel these past few weeks. But whatever...

Last weekend was pretty fun actually. I went to Hugo's with Rina and CDU gang on Friday night. Some facts I reckoned were: A. They hadn't fixed the aircon; B. They were having a fucking annoying Djarum Black promotion, so almost EVERYONE was smoking! I occasionally got out of the bar and took a deep fresher breath. The smoke was very much annoying and the broken AC surely couldn't exhaust the air inside.

Saturday was a day I should do the school reports. Pfff... I promised to come at 11, but since I was too tired and overly sleepy, I came at 1. Hehehe.. 2 hours late. I must be a very undisciplined naughty teacher.
Well anyways, Rina and I went to TP afterwards.. just enjoying our time, talking at Bentoya restaurant, browsing some cute socks, gossiping etc etc.

Sunday.. I should have taught two students. But at 06:00 Ian called it off for he was going to Malang that day.. and at 08:30 Andrew's mom did the same for Andrew was catching a flu. I almost screamed "Hooraayyy!" but realised just in time that it wouldn't be so nice of me to do that while Andrew's mom was still on the phone. Hahaha.. So.. lekker dag op zondag, he? But not for long, unfortunately. Teguh, a highschool bestfriend drooped by at noon and asked me to change quickly for he was taking me to Tanti's house (also an old friend from highschool). I didn't actually want to go anywhere on my unexpected free day.. but meeting old friends might also be interesting. So I went with him anyway. :D
Tanti looked still the same with the girl I knew during highschool. Only fatter. And so is Teguh. I guess everyone gets fatter when they get older. Hehehe..

Oh but I'm so very lonely! :((

Ai aiiii... I made some mistakes on the naming of the wallpapers I've made!!! Today I hardly touch Adobe Photoshop to create new wallpapers. Instead I need to work with the site program and change the whole things MANUALLY ONE BY ONE!!! *cry hard*

But it's up it's up! The wallpapers site we've been working on. I'm dealing with the movies section so if you want to see a glimpse of some wallpapers I made, check the indexes at
Remember, indexes.. not all and full size wallpapers. :P Sorry for that. You'll have to pay $15 a year if you want to see all. And I bet you won't. Hehehe...

Anyways.. to get you see one of those without paying, this is a free sample of my wallpapers design:

Wallpaper of the month: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Today I came to school (St. Clara) again.. There was nothing to teach, though.. so we were just having a game and introducing some Christmas songs to the children. Pretty fun. :) Everything's fun when it's NOT concerning administrations, correcting tests and counting scores. :P
Yay! I already reapplied for a new ATM card.
Yay! I am super productive today. 10 wallpapers in an hour. Imagine!
Yay! I'm going clubbing tomorrow!

I've not come to teach at school this week as the students are having their semester final test. I've anticipated it by planning to sleep during the day before going to the website company, with a hope that I'll be fresher at Excellogix.

Monday, 6 December 2004
It's the last day to submit all scores of the students' test. And I still had 6 more tests to check, then count the overall score. Phew. Hardly slept.

Tuesday, 7 December 2004
Went to the office earlier to drop the b/w films at a photo studio to print.

Wednesday, 8 December 2004
Took a morning and night shift at the office. Private lesson for Anthony at noon. Ekk..

Well.. I don't think tomorrow and Friday will be better and more relaxing. Gotta go back for school on Friday and I should start writing on the students report tomorrow. *sob*

I feel like being slaved!
Damn it's been so hard to focus lately. I've no motivation to work (or to complete my target before time) considering the one week off I'll take after Christmas. And today I even feel a bit sick.

But I did pretty well on self management lately.
  1. I did ask a letter from the police concerning my missing ATM card.
  2. I did have my black and white film developed.
  3. I did give Nyoh her Rp 10,000 change today. [Yay I didn't forget!!!]
  4. I did paint for Mark (half way done).
  5. I did arrange my vacation with Mama.
Oh, but there are still some other things I should do.. I do hope I remember to do them... Hehehe.
I was playing around with search engines like yahoo or googles the other day. I typed my name and friends' and it was pretty fun to see our names listed there.

The result of google search when I gave my name was:
Profile - Admirology
advertisement. Carla Ardian's profile. ID, crl, First name, Carla. Last name, Ardian.
Gender, Female. Marital status, Single. Interest, Membership Status, STANDARD ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

The result of yahoo search [#3]:
People - Carla's Photography Open this result in new window
... Copyright © 2004 - Carla Bley Ardian. Designed by Carla Bley Ardian ... - 4k - Cached - More from this site

The result of altavista and MSN search:
---Carla Bley Ardian---
Copyright 2004: Carla Bley Ardian.
More pages from

Try yours... It's fun! :D
The adolescence process seems to get earlier and more premature each day.

This morning I taught my elementary students (grade two, 7 years old). I brought them to the library to watch some children movies (without Indonesian subtitle) to train their hearing and familiarity of British English accent. The movies, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dad, Please Bring Me the Moon, are actually very simple. But you know how kids are so easy to get excited on what we usually consider small unimportant things.

Everything went OK until it was almost time to go home and the children became noisy and messy. It was the time I saw this boy laying down on the carpet. I came towards him to remind him that he was not supposed to lay there, when this girl called Meishell walked above him with her two legs on his sides. Then Karel stretched his arms in between her thighs, seemingly like he was trying to grab something under Meishell's skirt.

I was shocked. But there was no time for it.. Quickly I came beside them and slapped Karel's hands hard.

"What do you think you are doing, young boy?!" My voice sounded very harsh and angry, I'm sure.

Karel looked scared and almost cried, "She asked me to do it, Miss Carla." I noticed him not wearing his thick eyeglasses at that time, but again, I had no time thinking about it. I looked at Meishell and asked, "Is it right?"

She was quiet.

Karel kept repeating that it wasn't his very own intention. Since I couldn't get the girl say a word, I told Karel that he should have rejected the request and to Meishell I warned her to not ever do it again, or I'd take a serious action concerning that.