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I found another fault from my new room. After weeks being unsatisfied with its small size and PURPLE wall colour (not my choice, seriously!), last night I got soo annoyed to find out that the roof above my bed was leaking!

I spent the evening with Ernie watching a DVD in her room. It was raining hard and I wasn't

really aware how my room was. I was there for a couple of hours. Pam called and shared her cool experience in Bali (she's got the job at IALF, that lucky bitch). When we were finally done socializing, I went back to my room, sleepily, and got ready for my sweet beddy time. I was laying for 5 minutes probably when I felt some sprays of water on my face. I jerked surprisedly and wondered how it could happen. The air conditioner is right above my bed so I stood up and had my hands face the AC. I felt the water coming out with some cool air it produced and I was like... OK, maybe the wind blew to my room's direction. I turned the AC off then, for it was not too hot anyway. Then I went back laying.

I was disappointed to find that the water still showered my face and upper body. This time I pissed and stood up to check again. I saw that it came through the relatively wide AC hole AND from roof of my room, just above my bed, and just above where my pillow was! I had my Thai sunset picture hung below the AC and when I saw that the water was coming down to it, I took it from the wall and put it on the floor to save it. I almost wanted to go to Ernie's room and sleep there, but I was too tired to even make the effort, so I just slept on the opposite direction (feet side) and covered my feet (on head's side) with my blanket.

It was reported already to the head of the staff and the head of the teachers already... I think I'll just wait for their quick response to have it fixed, then. Who ever wants to sleep in a leaking room in this heavy rainy season? :PIf there's no action taken, then I'll make up my mind to move to Bali in June. Though actually without it, I won't stay anyway. Hoho..

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Meet Grubbie, my fish. I've been taking care of him for a month now. I bought him with three other fish last month, but apparently only he survived. The first black fish didn't even live more than 24 hours since I bought it. That was because at that time I hadn't bought the fish tank for them. I put two of them in a tall glass and the other two in a bucket. The accident happened when I left my room for cooking for an hour or so. This fish seemed to get stressed out in the small tall glass so it jumped out of it. I found it too late, and there it was, laying on the floor dead.

Three left. I finally bought a fish bowl. I put those three there and for some reasons they survived for three weeks. Everyone had told me that I should buy the air pump for goldfish can't live long without it. But I insisted that they could survive without, as long as I changed the water often.
Until one day, I left my (new) room for work.. Aris, one of the staff, had been complaining that our boss questioned about the raise of the electricity bill at EF (again, with more members, more bills, right? Business people couldn't seem to comprehend that!). Well I often leave my room with aircon on, not intended, but I just forgot. Well that day, I did NOT forget to turn off the AC. This new room I've got is on the top floor with Mba Minda's and Ernie's room. It receives the most sunlight so it was completely hot without aircon. Plus, the smell of the paint was so strong I couldn't even sleep for the first two days I moved there. Anyway, my dear fish were left without aircon in that new room. So guess what I'd found in the evening after working. Two of them died!

I was quite stressed out. Two, not one, fish were dead! This was the first time for me to take care of fish. I always know how to have petdogs, but never fish! I guess I had that feeling that they'd eventually die one day, for back then I didn't bother to name them. I only callled them A, B and C. Now that one left, I rushed to the fish market and bought the smallest air pump (cause the fish tank is small, too) for this orange fish to survive. He does, until now. And I named him Grubbie, taken from the flash game I played on computer called Insaniquarium.

I have now somewhat an emotional bound with Grubbie for:

1. He's the only one left.
2. He sees me do everything everyday, including changing clothes (that's very intimate, huh?).
3. He seems to try to communicate with me, especially when he is hungry.
4. I'm bored.