Okay it is not really a garden. More like a space to hang laundry that has never been used forever.

With the AC dispensing water every night, this small space actually grows more plants during the dry season than my again-not-really main garden in front. We have had problem with the air conditioner upstairs mainly because of the climbing plants reached the AC engine.

There is this teenage boy who doesn't speak much and very shy. He is the son of my masseuse. Iluh, my masseuse, told me if I had a garden job for his son to do, he'd be happy to make extra money from it. I hired him once to move the pots from the top of my gate wall. Now I hired him to clean up this space.

I felt happy with the clean solution; something I will never find myself have time to do, or would be willing to do. He felt happy for the extra pocket money. Iluh told me he also gives some to his younger brother and sister from what he earns.

There is nothing better than giving opportunity for a young person to get a taste of having a job and his own money for the first time. I remember how happy I was to get money other than from the allowance money my parents gave me when I was young.

He is a good boy and he will succeed if he keeps up being hardworking.

I am rarely sick. But when I do get sick, it's usually the bad kind of sickness.

I have been feeling pain on my side and my back in the past 4 days. I tried to give it time for my body to heal itself before I let chemicals in. This time it got even worse.

I didn't recognise this type of pain. It is not the menstrual pain, not the overtiredness pain, earlier on I thought it was muscle pain due to too much dancing but counterpain didn't fix it this time. In the last 2 nights my stomach started hurting too. It was almost unbearable that I had to order Uber last night to go to BIMC hospital.

The doctor thought it could be kidney stone. I've got to have few tests to make sure of that. My urine test came out negative so he told me to do the ultra sound test this afternoon.

I feel so tired and drained. I hope it is nothing serious and can be fixed with oral medication only....

It finally started raining after quite a long drought. I think I could hear my plants dance joyfully as I often didn't water them enough. I generally love sun and brightness. But yesterday's rain really soothed me.

If only I didn't have this excruciating side and back pain!

I don't remember I have ever felt this sort of pain before. Not sure if it was from too much dancing as it first appeared when I was riding my scooter. Could be from wrong sleeping position or something. I tried to put counterpain creme, had a massage, applying heating bandage I got from Fumi, etc. Every morning I felt better but by midday it killed me again. Today is the third day, so I am going to see if it comes back at noon and I'll definitely go to a doctor to consult if it does.

For now, I will just enjoy the grey sky, the muddy smell of the rain, sip my lemon tea, while working on some marketing for the villa I manage.


Last week has been a non-stop belly dancing week. As soon as I came back from Jakarta for Miss Belly Dance Indonesia on Monday, Hadi held his first class after abstaining for 2 months while he was in Holland, so of course I had to go. Then Wednesday I also had his class PLUS a private class with Hilde Canoodt, a super lovely bellydancer based in London. I died that day. Thursday was another class with Hilde, and Friday and Saturday I had to perform at The Breezes Resort and Shisha Cafe back to back.

Vincent's comment: "So are you gonna be bellydancing every day now?"

It was just the special week where everybody was available in Bali that I had to take my opportunity in learning more about belly dance while I could. I am happy that this week it will be slower though. Hadi is gone to Bandung for a week and Hilde had left Bali.

Now to motivate myself to practise at home. ;-)

I am enjoying the down time. Need to focus on work and family more this week. Maybe bake the cheesecake Vincent has been requesting and take more photos.

Guess who is the first ever Miss Belly Dance Indonesia 2015 - Tribal fusion category?

Yes. ME!!!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

All of my hard had paid off and all the dancing in different places helped a lot too! I was so over the moon last weekend when they announced it was me winning the title. Pam took the first runner up, which made both of us the top winners of the prestigious competition! Hadi and Ika must have been proud teachers!

I am so grateful that I took part in this event. Not only did I get to learn from the amazing Hilde Canoodt, Darren Ho and Christine Yaven, I also got to get crowned as 2015 Miss Tribal Belly Dance Indonesia.

Life is good!!!

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What makes a girl's day?

When she found a great new restaurant 2 minutes from her workplace that serves the BEST salad she's ever tasted.

This restaurant is called Braga Garden. As its name suggests, it looks like a garden or a forest from the outside. I've been wanting to come there ever since before it was opened. I LOVE the greens and vintage feelings inside with all the antiques they have. I'd go there just for the ambiance. So when I tasted the food, OH. MY. GOD. I fell in love with this place!

I'm not a big salad buyer.
I'll correct that: I am a PICKY salad buyer. I don't like dressing that is too sour, too sweet, too mayonnaise-y, and the list can go on. If I want to eat salad, I'll make the salad on my own to match my taste bud.
However, I wasn't that hungry at the time. I was with a friend who was much less adventurous in trying new restaurants, and she was in only for coffee. So, when she saw me going to the 7th sky for my salad, she gave it a try and immediately ordered another plate of salad of different variant.

You're welcome, Huri!

To top it off, they allowed me to dance my latest choreography in this vintage setting so that I could make a nice video clip of it. Here is a snippet of the dance!

To visit:

Braga Garden Restaurant & Lounge
Address: Jalan Kunti II No.99X, Denpasar, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Open today · 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Time flew by. The day Jun and Ron had waited had finally come and it was nothing but a huge success! It was one of the most wonderful weddings I have ever attended; partly thanks to the Chinese fun wedding traditions and the hillarious salsa-minded invitees!

It was a small wedding by Chinese Indonesian standard, only 150 guests. But it was beautiful and touching. Most of all, I was so happy to be there, next to my best friend as her maid of honour, witnessing the happiest time of her life.

I wish you a happy marriage life, my Jun. I am positive Ron will take a good care of you until you grow wrinkles together.