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Remember when I went to Jakarta to sing as the finalist of Het Week van de Nederlands singing competition? Well it wasn't exactly over when I gladly came back to my hometown.
I've got an email, an sms and a call from the filmer, Pak Chandra, informing that he would be coming to Surabaya on the 25th and 26th to shoot my daily life for the Netherlands Embassy documentary. I said, OK... no problem, and took it easy as usual.

Apparently yesterday I couldn't take it that easily. My house is at the moment a total mess. My brother and mother have not finished painting the living room white, and I still need to paint one side of my bedroom green. Not to mention that Michelle is in the house so... never expect a clean bling bling smart house. Clean the main table now, she'll ruin it in five minutes. :P
As the filming at the office, I've asked Vera if I could use some time during my working hours on Friday (today) for it and she didn't object. Workmates had been teasing me for a while. Jon and Freddy got crazy with their typical comment: "What? You're gonna be shot for a blue film?"
Ha.. ha.. ha....
Ain't that wild?

Anyway, Pak Chandra sent me a list of questions, as I requested, so that I could prepare the answers before he came. My Dutch sucked. It still does suck. No, it sucks MORE now that I never attend my Dutch conversation class at Erasmus Huis. Yet, I underestimated it and didn't answer the list of questions he sent me the week before, until last night.
I typed the answers in bold letters as best as I could, and called my mom to correct them. I knew I should have been memorizing them right away, but instead I was playing Hotel Giant on my computer. Gggrrr... I know.. I really need a good spank in my ass.

By the way, I knew I'd do good. And it went quite Okay cause I didn't have to speak in Dutch today!!! Yay! I'll have to do it tomorrow, though. But I'll worry about it later lah.

The funny thing about the film shooting today was that I didn't really need to show the process of my wallpaper-making. Pak Chandra thought that it was a pretty borderline copyright case in filming someone making celebrities wallpaper, so he wanted me to do my other occassional job -- designing a web layout. Fine with me...

I needed to think faster and harder, though.. I had no idea what kind of website layout I would have to make, what the visions of the "fake" website, etc. So I was just picking Audrey Tautou's pictures from my files randomly. I happen to like her performance in her movies, Amelie and A Very Long Engagement, as Ken recommended me... so there.

One thing I realised after the filming was over was.. [click on the image above to see the full detail] that I'd made a header of (I grabbed one of our sites without thinking) with ONLY pictures of Audrey Tautou like a fansite. That's why I added the Audrey Tautou Fansite thingie on the header. It's yet still weird cause the layer was not ommitted.

I screw it. But just as usual... I don't care. :)