I'm really bored in Tegal. Work is busy as usual, but there are times I feel so fed up doing the same things every weekend, though it's at the same time the only days we're looking forward to.

Let's see... my mates and I ALWAYS go to Pacific mall every Saturday evening after work. We hang out at the Tong Tji stand, which I always consider as a replacement of Excelso Cafe or Dome. The difference is, we usually spend Rp 75,000 upwards at Excelso's and only Rp 3,000 for a big glass of tea and crunchy peanuts. Of course the cafe's have better seats and music, for in Pacific mall the music you can expect to hear is of those religious (Islamic) ones played over and over again, while at Dome you have all kinds of music, from pop to Jazz, and they for sure are not played 4 or 5 times every hour.

Also at Pacific, if we have the mood, we'll play Daytona USA racing car game in link. Pam usually wins and she can be so big-headed about it. :P Whereelse... oh, DVD stands. If we happen to find good movies, we'll buy them to watch in our boring evenings after teaching.

Actually working here could be much better if we had no classes on Saturdays. Then we will have enough time to explore some other neighbouring cities and have more fun. But hellas... this is my first full-time job requiring me to work 6 days a week. And though I've worked here for already 7 months, I'm still not used to it.

I can't wait to get out of here and move to a more interesting place. But then again, in the financial sense, Tegal is a good place to live since everything is relatively cheap here and I actually hardly spend any money but on phone credits and weekend funs, which are not that much.

Choices choices. *sigh*