It has been a weird day.

After what happened with my eye this afternoon, I got another "amusing" experience when I was about to visit Felix, my ex-student.
I haven't met him for the longest time. The last time I taught him was probably in 2001, when I started to work for CDU. He was in the third grade of Junior High School then, and even then he already changed so much from the first time I met him two years before.

Felix was a fine boy. He was shy at first, but lately I learnt that he was naturally playful. He was crazy about football and he brought his ball wherever he went. Even at the time we were having our lesson, his feet would always continously kick the ball. I can recall those times when I stole the ball from him and had it under my feet to force him to concentrate. Then I was still taller than him.

He grew up so fast, his height rapidly advanced over me. And he kept measuring our bodies. In almost no time he got much taller than I was. Though it also happenned to my other teenager students, it was always a surprising miracle to witness a little boy transforming into an almost grown-up man.

I stopped teaching him because I got too busy with CDU. I often had to work overtime so I had not much time left for my private students.

A few days ago I was cleaning up my drawer and found my old address book. There printed some old familiar (or even unfamiliar) names of acquintances and students. I spent my afternoon to call them one by one, including Felix.

He guessed it right when he heard my voice. He told me he had been trying to contact me but I was always not at home. I was sorry for that but I just couldn't help it. We set up a meeting today.. We previously planned to meet up at the mall, but then his mom called me and said that she wanted to see me, too.. so I offered to go to their house, instead.

I was early. I thought I still remembered the way to his house, but apparently I took the wrong turn. I turned on the first road and checked out the houses on the right. It was pretty different, I thought. And I had no idea if his family reconstructed their house of not. Foolishly, I was too confident that I remembered his house without bringing his complete address. I finally found a house, which looked like his old house. And instead of going through the house with the white fence gate as I used to do, I knocked on the lock of the gate.

An old man appeared before the doorstep and asked whom I was looking for.

"Felix," I said, "Is he home?" while wondering how time made Felix' father look so old. I didn't wear my eyeglasses, as I haven't fixed them yet, but I could tell that he was much older than when I used to teach Felix.

The man came inside and called Felix.

A little bit overweight boy ran jumpingly towards the gate and said, "Yes?"

"Hi Felix!!! Long time no see!" I blurted out without checking him out.

"Err... who are you?" he said in his confusement.

"How dare you not to remember me. It's Carl..." I stopped when I finally got to see the boy's face through the dimly lighted porch. Oh God, he looked so young, I thought. Didn't he grow up at all? And what's this pretending not knowing me???

"Are you Felix?" I asked.


"From Petra University?"

"No, I'm still in Junior High."

G R E A T !

Wrong guy.

How the hell I could be missing Felix' real house, in a house so similar like his own, with a boy named Felix, too?!?!?!

The boy kindly gave me an alternative of another Felix in the same neighbourhood. But soon I found out that he was not the Felix I meant since he still sits in the Senior High School.
His mother and father got out of the house and asked what happened.

I, feeling shamed, explained that I might come accross the wrong house, which happened to have a boy with the same Felix name.

They symphatized and offered me to borrow their phone. (Which was good, cause I was running out of fund on my cell) I accepted the offer and got in their house. I called the real Felix (thanks God I saved his number on my mobile!) and his maid explained that Felix' house was on the next street. She gave me the full address and the couple helped me give the direction.

It was absolutely shameful, though funny, cause I kept laughing at myself when I was on my way to Felix' house.

The good thing from it was this Felix' parents were interested after they knew that I taught English privately. They asked my number before I left and I thought,
"Maybe it was the way it meant to be. I could be having a prospective student now"

*smile smile*
I forgot to bring my lunch box that my mother had kindly prepared for me. She called me when I was on bemo and asked if I remembered that I was missing something. I looked around and inside my backpack if I forgot to bring my cellphone (my most important belonging). Just then I found out that I left my lunch box. *sigh* Ged, I think I really need to work on that curiously absolutely-not-profitable personality.

Anyway, that made me have to go out to buy some lunch at 12 o'clock. I decided to go to warung soto near the office and buy a portion of soto with rice.

When I arrived back at the office, I started to eat the soto while talking with other workmates who sat around the dining table. I always like spicy food, so I had some sambal (chilli sauce) added before I ate. The unfortunate thing was that accidents seem to like to stick with me wherever I go and whatever I do.

There were some noodles in the soto and one of them seemed to jump on the soto, where the hot soup water splashed on my face! My right eye, to be exact. So you can imagine. IT HURT SO DAMN MUCH to have that spicy pricking water inside it! *sob sob*

My eye was quite watery and painful for 15 minutes or so that I couldn't concentrate on eating my lunch. That was most uncomfortable. :(

To make it worse, it was not the first time I had that. The same experience happened to me in less than a month. Urrrggghhh....
... is pretty
... has a great sense of humour
... is smart
... likes to play a little, as in not always too serious.. but sometimes of course she can be
... sometimes is a little moody and difficult
... is a little dominant and wants to be in control
--- Arnoud Meindertsma ---

... is a clumsy girl
... likes confronting people
... likes singing and traveling
--- Denni Permadi, as written in Friendter's testimonial ---

... is so sweet
... is creative
... is easy to get angry and doesn't bother to use sweet words
... is an independent and tough woman
... is a modern Xena
... loves bakso
--- Yustina Widyawati, as written in Friendster's testimonial ---

... is the craziest English teacher I've ever known
... is a traveling lover
... is cuek pol
--- Stephanie Budiharjo, as written in Friendster's testimonial ---

... is a real person, very lively and honest
... is not hypocrite
... is tough
... sucks
... is fun
--- Shirley Wibisono, as written in Friendster's testimonial ---

... is sweetness, sometimes too sweet, it comes straight from the heart
... is responsible, naieve a bit, cantik, open-minded, unique
... is always herself
--- Marijn Huijbers, as written in Friendster's testimonial ---

... is cool, loud and friendly
... is kind
... is a good listener
--- Kusumawati Wiyono ---

... is childish but pretends to be mature
... is passionate
... is nice and one of my best friends
... is fat
--- Reynard ---

... is a crazy English teacher
... likes to quarell with workmates
--- Lusida Juwita, as written in Friendster's testimonial ---
I took my sister and niece to the airport this morning. They've been bugged by Ita's husband and parents in law lately to move to Bangka island, where they live. Ita was quite unsure for a while. She just doesn't want to LIVE in that island. A month visit is OK, but living there is another issue. Firstly it's a small island, where she can hardly find any offices to work at. Secondly, that leads to her doing nothing there but eat and sleep and take care of Michelle. And naturally she won't get any good name in A Lung's family's eyes. Since she's super lazy in housework, I don't think she'll help her mother-in-law much in doing the house chores. Thirdly, she'll be having a hard time taking care of Michelle, my niece, cause for all this time my mother was the one who have been taking care of the cute little baby. There's no doubt that A Lung's family will be so much in love with Michelle, like those unknown girls at the airport who were so very excited to see her cute face. But it was so hard for my mom to let her go. She's been sad for days because of this moving out.

As for me... it's a big loss.
My sister and I don't really get along too well at home. But like any other public secret, the more you get into a fight with somebody, the more it shows that you actually love or care about that person. I love Ita. No matter how minus her behaviour is (I guess she thinks the same of me).
And Michelle... is always my most adorable baby in the world. I was often annoyed by her mischievious acts lately.. to mention some: hiding my toothbrush, taking away my CD collections and climbing up my bed and throwing them down under the bed, messing about with my tampon box and spread them all over the room, switching off the computer power, wrecking my books and comics, banging my cellphone to the hard part of the bed, etc. etc. But they are just some things that make me love her more. Especially when I caught her doing the crime. She would throw away ANYTHING she was holding, smile or laugh, then run away as quickly as possible.

Who can get mad to such a sweet smart adorable naughty baby?

Just then I had the idea of visiting them in Bangka island right after the singing competition in Jakarta this month. My trip to Jakarta will be paid by Erasmus Huis, so I'll just need to fund my tickets from Jakarta to Bangka. Money is still quite a big issue at the moment, but I'll try to manage to get enough of it for this travel.

I seriously need a sidejob. There are just so many needs to fulfill, and so many other less "important" things I want to have. Let me know if you know some, OK?
There were times I cared about you so much
I'd give everything I had for you
There were times I was annoyed by you so much
I felt like knocking you out senseless

There were times I was so down
Your hands would reach out and take me into your embrace
There were times I was so in love
And you'd jump with joy with me in excitement

There were times we were angry at each other
We'd pretend we were not friends
There were times we felt so vile
We'd plan naughty things together

Through the joy
Through the sadness
Through everything we've been through
No matter how bitchy I was
Or how super bitchy you were
One thing will never change

That I love you.