y wheel of life had turned again. Shortly there will be an explanation why I quit blogging my travel journey for quite some time.

The five-week-South-East-Asia travel that I had been waiting for turned out to be a great lesson in my 26-year life. It was only five weeks, but I learnt so much. I met a lot of people of different characters, backgrounds, countries and cultures. I met some extreme people who would waste a four-hour-should-be-relaxing breakfast to an incredibly annoying, undebatable debate about religions. I met people who would use the others for their own sake. I met people who would willingly help a complete stranger without asking for a returned favour. I met people who cheated. I met people who smiled all the time at you, without you knowing if the smile was an honest one. I met people who knew how to have fun. I met people who were fair. I met people who were wise. And I also met people who were shallow.

I was loved. I was mad. I was praised. I came close to a fight. I partied. I had fun. I was lonely. I was not lonely.
In five-week time I felt so many different emotions.

I enjoyed everything, nevertheless. And though at some point I think my travel was a mistake, I learnt a lot from it. No regrets.

But my wheel of life has decided for me to start all over again from the very beginning. It was a hard fall but it didn't hurn that much.

I'm broke now. But I know for sure I'll be up again.

Welcome me again in this blogging world. :)