Alright, to meet the readers' demands.... Here is the shortened story of how I met this guy I dare to call a boyfriend. FINALLY AFTER SO MANY YEARS!!!!


His name is Vincent. He's a French guy I met at the Living Room, somewhere in Peti Tenget area, Bali. It was almost dawn when his cousin, Jean, approached me in the garden of the Living Room.

Being somewhat tipsy after so much cocktail that I drank at a house party of some Spanish mates (this was before we decided to go to the Living Room), I began dropping my stuff. As usual, everytime I go partying, I would either bring my rather big camera bag with the camera itself inside or no bags at all. That night/day, however, I didn't have any bags with me. Not even a handbag. So I put my mobile phone, house keys, some money and my ID card all in my jeans pockets.

Well, the dolphin key hanger I had in my pocket kept pricking my skin under the jeans so I took it out and put it on the table (maybe... this is just an assumption because to be truly honest, I can't remember doing that).

So at a point I may have dropped that. Because I also dropped one of the earrings Vanessa found on the dance floor onto one of the bushes near the table. And I realised that quite a bit a while later on and I got so panicked when I couldn't find my keys! I went to check the places I sat on and all that for 3 rounds and I couldn't find them anywhere. Then the club was closing and everybody was going home/out. Vanessa offered me to sleep at her place and Jean did, too. But of course I wouldn't accept Jean's kind offer. I just met him! Well, Vanessa, too, but I already knew about her long before I met her from Carol's stories.

Anyway, I must have looked so gloomy and sad and all, thinking that I couldn't go back to my own place; because then Vincent offered to accompany me looking for the keys for the last time. I told him I'd tried to find it anywhere so it wouldn't make any difference. But he said there was nothing wrong going through the places one more time.

And as you can predict (this is so much of a soap!), he found the keys. IN THE BUSHES next to my table! I was all jumpy and happy and I saw him pointing at his cheek, asking for a redemption. So I kissed his cheek. :)

In short, we hooked up until the sun came up and went to another pizza-craving journey at the La vi da Loca at 66 Beach along with some other people I met earlier. Then Vincent and I walked for about 10 minutes at the beach until Vanessa called me saying that she and Vincent's cousin and mate wanted to go back home.

Vincent, Jean and Pascal took me home and he promised to call soon.