We Can't Guarantee...

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A lot of things pissed me off lately. Starting from the most recent one... A post office experience exactly 2 hours ago.

Mark Adams, one of my top 5 bestfriends, was celebrating his 30th birthday 3 days ago. I was talking to him over the phone last month when he told me his anxiety about it. I could relate. I was so panicked when I was about to get 25 last year. So I planned to give him a more special birthday gift this year.

I had two of my recent photography works printed for him last week. 10R each. 25 cm x 20 cm. I knew he'd like them for they were self-made. But I just got the chance to send it over this afternoon.

I took my bike at the lunch time and rode it to the nearest post-office. I never went there so I got a little lost. But I was way too smart to be lost for the third time (shit, yes, I took the wrong turn like about twice). I found the small post office and handed in the big envelope I brought to one of two clerks there. There were only 2 customers there... one, I should say -- myself. The other non-clerk person didn't seem like wanting to post something.

Anyway, he glanced to the front part of my letter and said:
"What's in it?" *hands touching and guessing the letter*
"Pictures and a birthday card," I replied.
"OK, well, I can serve you now, but I can't guarantee it will be sent to the person mentioned."
"What do you mean?" *pissed*
"I mean, the main post office would probably be curious if it was really pictures and a card in there. So the custom might need to check that."
"So let them check. I've nothing to hide there. But what's it to do with your not being sent statement?"
"Well.. the thing is, you're sending something to Australia. And at this moment any package sent to or received from there is under a tight check."
"It's not a package. It's a document."
"They wouldn't know, I'm afraid. You might get a letter from them to come there to clarify your package."
"It's NOT a package, and I don't mind going there if it's really necessary. I'm just wondering why you would have a post office over here if it didn't really function. But anyway, I do not need to pay more if I do indeed get the letter from the custom, do I?"
"I don't know, Miss. We can't guarantee..."

Fuck it, man. I'm sending it now cause I'm already here. I don't feel the need to debate you more cause you don't seem to know ANYTHING at all. If they do charge me more than I need to, I'll bitch the authorities later!


  1. That's why you do not trust anything labeled 'government bureau' in Indonesia.

    I could really understand your feeling, I'll be more than just pissed if that kind of thing happens to me. The brilliant thing about this lousy damn cold Germany is that you can send everything everywhere and get no fuss about whatever you send.

    Next time try sending the package to Germany, I'll help you send it from here :P
    (what a dumb idea coming from such smart ass like me, hahaha)

  2. Dasar Pos Indonesia!!! They suck a big time!

  3. Lol...if it helps, the US postal service is just as screwed up :)

  4. last year i sent three books and a dvd to my sis from here via tpg post, guess what, only three months later the package arrived cause pt. post was not sure whether it was really books and dvd or not, so they kept it for 2 months until they decided to opened and checked it and it took them another month to finally delivered the package to my sis, and guess what again, the package is fuckin unwrapped .. so much for trusting them.

  5. Sheila: Thanks for the kindness, girl, but it doesn't seem like the best and most efficient solution. Hehe..

    Jason: I KNOW! I got several packages from USA a couple of years ago and they never arrived in a perfect condition. Once I got a birthday gift from my then-boyfriend, 2 executive pens, along with its ruined, formerly-elegant box with shoes-pattern on! Then I thought it was the fault of Indonesian postal service, but now that you said that.. I'm not that sure which screwed up.

    Mia: In the Netherlands, too?! I never had a problem sending a letter or postcard from there, so I didn't know it until you mentioned it. Got a package from Holland once, but it was in an OKAY, though not best, condition. The only thing missing was a Rooie-Oortjes comic I love so much! Dammit!
    It's the Indonesian custom, I know. Whoelse prevents porns coming in here? No, they won't allow it. They'd like to PRODUCE them themselves.. these hypocrites! :P

  6. hohoho jangan heran, sebuah CD yg lentur aja bisa terbelah jadi 2 kalo dikirim lewat "Pos".