Bali is chosen

The poll has been closed for a while now. But we'd like to thank you very much for voting.

So the question was:

"Vincent and I are in the crossroads of choices. He got 2 job offers in Canada and France, but at the same time, we also want to live in Indonesia. But there is no guarantee that he will get a job here. What should we do? Where should we stay?"

That was written before he arrived in Bali on December 13th last year. We were very confused and Vincent especially was nervous because he had a NIL hope but just being with me by moving to Indonesia. He had no job offer or whatsoever. The financial crisis was on the way to our country. A lot of workers had been laid off and a lot of expats were sent home because companies couldn't manage to pay them their standard wage. It was even hardened by the fact that his then-boss wanted him to stay and sort of bribed him that he could earn double if he stayed in Strasbourg. In the mean time, a Canadian client of his offered him the what-he-called-his dream job in Canada, the country he loves the most.

So the result of the voting says that 3 persons thought that we should move to Montreal, Canada. 2 thought that we should be in Strasbourg, France.

The fact is Vincent has been employed as a project manager in Barefoot Multimedia, Bali-based company. So although noone voted for Bali, we're staying in Bali.

I do not know who voted those, but I should comment on the most votes on Canada: Do you realise how cold and hot it is there??? It could be like -40 degree celcius in the winter and +40 in summer! I'd die in the winter!!!


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  2. Thanks for dropping by. But I'm curious. How much are you paid to go to people's blog and advertise Bali hotels? I've never heard a spambot able to crack the word verification from blogger/google.

  3. Hihihi like Bali doesn't get 40 degree Celsius in dry season!!!

    Hmmm winter in Canada could be harsh, you're right... but a good friend told me that "There is no such thing like bad weather. There is only bad costume and poor clothings."

    Still interested?

    The polls were good but not so many people voted, I wonder why?

  4. No. The hardest I've ever experienced here was 35 degree and everybody moaned!

    Your good friend must have experienced winter his/her whole life. I have none. And I think it is a good idea to introduce me to a winter place that is milder. :P

    Not so many people voted? Maybe the blog is not famous enough? Maybe I was hibernating from blogger too long that they stopped stopping by here? Maybe even when they check out my blog and read my pieces, they were not aware that the poll was there. :P But it's fine. Still fun to make them anyway. :)

  5. hah.. minus 40 celcius? yakin?

  6. yap. Vincent tinggal di Kanada 4 tahun. when it gets 40 degree, he says that you would think that you just burnt your lung if you go outside.

  7. Actually I grew up in Canada and it doesn't get to 40 degrees very often. Montreal will have 4 months of hot humid weather followed by 8 months of generally lousy weather. It rarely gets to minus 40 out there...only minus 25 haha. Its very nice around montreal so if you get a chance to visit the go for it.

  8. yes, that's what he said, too. and he lived in quebec and montreal. normally "ONLY" -25 degrees and some occasional -40. but really, i don't know if i can handle -3 already when i fuss so much when it is (+) 10 degrees outside! lol. i guess it all takes some getting used to.

  9. Aku vote for canada! hahaha masio ga tahan dingin :p