Listening to: Jack Johnson

What am I to you, guys?
A nice friend who listens to your rants, hugs you when you fall, parties when you succeed, but is forgotten when no longer needed?

What am I to the guys I've been dating all this long?
A great holiday companion that makes them smile and get playful, but should remember that it's over when it's over?

What am I to my family?
An ideal first child who takes the responsibility to take care of them willingly?

What am I to ex-bestfriends/close friends?
A person who is just a part of an episode in their lives, but to be kicked out once they have a settled relationship?

What am I to your value?
Who am I to you?
Where do I stand in your heart?

I'm seriously lost.

Can't just SOMEONE love me for me?
Can't I be a SOMEONE instead of an ANYONE, or worse: a NOONE?
Am I asking too much?


  1. Wow carla, are you so damn lonely there?

  2. i hate to say this especially to you, den. but yes. but again, loneliness is not the main reason why i feel that way. it's the attitudes of my friends towards me after a certain change.

    i don't know. trying not to care but whatever...

  3. and to which category do i fall in?

  4. ex-closefriend. :P uh, wait a minute, were we closefriends? hihihi...

  5. ex?
    what about now?
    not even close eh :))

  6. exactly. kinda missing those old times, though. you're a pretty tough person, but very honest. it's good to discuss things with ya.

  7. i dont think that i belong to any categories u wrote above.

    and please for once stop debating with Denny, carla? dont u know that he's an impossible person? but then again, i think that u both r the same. PHEWW.. what can i expect from ppl like u, guys?


  8. Mariza... I don't think it was a debate. I believe Denni doesn't, either. It could even be categorized as a "friendly" chat between Den and me. :P

  9. hmmmm .... spertinya "private conf" ... i'm out :D