Finding Neverland

Watching: Finding Neverland

Yes yes, I know. It's a little too late to watch this movie starred by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. But I finally watch Finding Neverland and was trully amazed with it. I liked the messages and actually in real, I am all to believe that anything, ANYTHING, exists when you believe it exists.

Since I've been drown in my own worries about the (possible) change of jobs the end of this month, the movie helps me realise that the right answer may never come when you block your clear minds with worries. It hasn't worked that well so far for me to decide what I should do in the next chapter of my career life.. but it's tickled the back of my mind that I should be calmer (I do appear calm, I believe, but not really when I'm alone) when thinking about this.

Hope I'll find the best decision for me and for all. But any moral support? Should I stay or should I move?

Anyway... I've resized some pictures I made with Ernie. We experimented with some hair rolls we just bought. Though it was quite an effort, I think I looked good with curly hair. Hehe...
Our last session in Tegal.
Here you go.


  1. IYAAA CANTIK LAAA, bagus curly gitu kamuuu, terlihat sexy and fresh! Ever thought about having your hair curled permanently? (at least wavy, not completely curly).

    Aku suka foto2nya, terutama yang tengah, ekspresinya bagus, background nya juga cocok :-D
    *and I especially love the earrings!!! fit perfectly well with your curls!!!*

  2. apik lurus 'laaaaa... hihihihi

  3. Lalalaaa, kamu mau kemana??

    Apik rambut curly wave gitu La... cuman yang big wave... It's good for a change;)

    Anyway, I hope you're ok... Take care!

  4. Thanks guys. But since some like my hair wavy and another likes it straight, I'll keep it the way it naturally is. When I feel like it, I'll curl it. Nooooo problemo!