Excitedly Back

Do I still have a blog?

Man, it's been a while since the last time I wrote here, hasn't it?
Well, I've got too much to tell I don't know where to begin. So I'd probably skip them all for the next time.

I've been busy lately (No, don't roll your eyes now). Nice busy, though. So to explain it, I'll need to make my points in points. I hate this way but I seriously can't describe everything that has happened these past few weeks.

  • First of all, I realised that I still had a blog after I got a comment notification from Blogger that Jason, a friend of a friend, commented in my last post. It was a nice comment and somewhat encouraging my writing skill. As always, I'm easy to get high with compliments (haha). Now go and give him a visit. You might like his expressive blog.
  • I went to Jakarta, as planned, as a finalist of the singing competition in Het Week van de Nederlands. I actually expected it to be nice and calm and fun. Though the last expectation came true, I had to go through a real tight schedule of singing practices with the keyboard player. Not to mention that the song they wanted me to sing was a hard one, that took up almost all of my voice energy. It was still cool, though. I met cool, warm, talented people and broadened my friends connection. I lost in the competition. Blamed myself at first for being too tired and nervous (seriously, it was one of the very few times in my life that I got nervous) when I had to be on the stage and sang in front of hundreds of people. Pluuuussss, I forgot my lines again. Hahaha... But, it was still nice. I had nothing to lose, anyway. I came with nothing and went back home with some things. *grin*
    Oh, and I met Yuli, too. She's a friend of Arnoud that emailed me a while ago after reading my article on Arnoud's website. Nice girl.
  • After Jakarta I went to Bangka island for a four-day holiday. I bought tickets for my sister and niece, as sis requested, so that they could go back home with me. This is actually what triggered the sour face of my sister's father-in-law. Two first minutes after I met him for the initial time and shaked his hand (I had still not even let go his hand yet), he told me that I could go home with my sister, but not with Michelle.
    Why, Mister. I'm very honoured to be accepted here. Could you please remember that I have nothing to do with all the discussions between you, my sister and her husband? The fact that I'm bringing their tickets shouldn't make me the guilty person, should it?
    Luckily, the rest of the family was nice, so I could keep my mouth shut and emotion down whenever he sarcastically lit the fire of the war.
    About Bangka island itself, it's not really a tourist island. More like a fishermen one. There are indeed some historical places of interest, but it's a world-wide understanding that I'm never interested in history. The beaches are actually quite nice if there were more developments in the area. So to summarize it, the landscape is not that cool, but the food and men ARE. Geezh... I couldn't find a bus conductor or a street snack seller in Surabaya that is as handsome as in there!
  • Back home, the house that was slightly cleaner when Michelle was absent, became like a wrecked ship once she stepped her small feet again there. Mother was undoubtedly happy to have her back and spoiled her twice or thrice she did before the baby went to Bangka.
  • Oh, did I tell you that I bought a new camera to replace my lost one? Well, I did buy it. Canon PowerShot A-95. 5 MP. Flipable LCD. Cool thing. I've got my spirit back, thanks to it. It kinda sinks back everytime I think about the payment, though. Haha...
  • To top it all, I purchased some domain names and got a webhost for them for less than Rp 250,000. Thanks to Denni for letting me know. I'm sooooo excited in building it up. Designing it is only a part of the fun. :D So... you can expect a link of them (or one of them) as soon as I'm happy with the overall outcome of it.


  1. Wow, you've been very busy! Hey, and thanks for the shout-out!

  2. hahahaah konduktor bus yg cakep? oww jadi kao mo berburu model muda ke bangka ae yah!

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