The Runaway Carla

Who ever suspects that finding a room to rent can be such a heartpounding moment?

My boss is coming back from his vacation this weekend, so that was the reason why I felt that I needed to get my own place ASAP. I spent some time looking for rooms yesterday with Pam with a limited amount of luck. And just an hour ago I went looking by myself.
I visited some 15 houses that I thought to be kos-kosan. Most of them are full. Some of them are in a bad condition; or if it's good it's way too expensive for my pocket. There are two that I am interested in checking out again, so let's see my luck tomorrow.
ANYWAY, I've almost drawn a conclusion that the alleys in Bali seem to me like a farm. Every house seems to have a few cocks and hens, geese, dogs, cats, birds, ducks, etc. I'm not saying that we can't find them in Java. As a matter of fact, it's probably similar all over Indonesia. But do you also expect to see these in touristy places like Kuta or big cities like Surabaya, Denpasar or Jakarta?
So I walked down this small alley in the back of Panorama Cottages I, where my office is. A woman in one of the kos houses showed me another place with a kitchen and cooking possibility. The dirt-road to that place was actually blocked by a school of geese. I thought those cute little white animals couldn't be of any harm, but I still maintained my distance anyway.
Apparently the distance was not enough a distance for one of the geese. It might feel that I was threatening and disrespecting its group by walking past them without taking off and waving my hat. So it ran towards me while ducking its neck and beak and aiming at my legs. Its speed got me jerked off and I started to walk faster. There were 2 Balinese men sitting in the shade not so far away from where I was and I was trying to get their attention so that they could help me out with the angry goose. But they did nothing! They didn't even realise I was there!
So poor Carla had to run from the king goose and apologise for passing by its authoritive site without an official permission. And after some beggings and scared pleading, it let me go with a condition that I won't break the geese law again. I made my promise.
Now I think geese are not that cute anymore.


  1. Dear Carla,

    Thanks for clicking my blog. I used that blog initially to store my stories. Later I also put my day-to-day problems, trying to use these records for later usage. Please send my regard to Dewi.

  2. The geese strikes back © ! :P

  3. where do you live and work now anyway? Bali kah? seriouslly?? *_*

  4. Hoi Mia...

    YEZZZZZZZZZZ... I live and work in Bali (just!). :D pretty exciting, though sometimes when I walk down some familiar spots where I had "special" memories, it could get me somewhat emotional. I'm actually thinking to just live somewhere else but Kuta. But for practical reason -- cause my office is on Legian -- I'd just better stay here.

    Decisions decisions...

  5. Dolphinrider1:17 pm

    kwak kwak kwak kwak ....kwak .kwak!!!!
    (baca : Mau lewat? cepek dulu dong ....)

    Tuh turunan pak oga kali.hehehhe

  6. mirip nyo. jangan2 itu kamu ya yg nyosor