Off to North Sumatra

Photo of Ernie taken by me in Tegal


Aduh, I’'ve put so much pressure to myself lately. Fabio is going to be away at the same time I’m away for Ernie’s wedding. He’s going to Jakarta for a week and then flying to Aceh for a few days to attend one of the supervision missions of Aceh Forest and Environment Project. SO that means I'’ve got to do a lot of stuff before he goes to those two places so that he can be better-prepared for the interviews. *sigh* Capeeeekkkkk.....

Anyway. One more working day to go, then flying out to Jakarta then Medan. I'’m excited!!! I haven'’t seen Ernie for a while now and it'’ll be good to see her again. Especially for this special occasion: her wedding! I believe neither of us had any clue at all that she would get married like at this time of the year. If you knew Ernie back then, you would have described her as this career woman who wanted to pursue a lot of things in life (marriage was one of them, but we didn't think it was a number one thing, neither did she, I guess). And also the fuss about her ex who had always haunted her... So when she met Ken in Bali just a little bit over a year ago, who would have guessed it would have progressed this much and this soon that he could take her to the altar of a commitment?

What a lucky guy.
What a lucky woman.

Hope the best for you two. Hope the best for me, too (what am I talking about?)

And let's have fun at your wedding and Lake Toba! HORAS!!!

North Sumatra, I'm coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hihihi met liburan ya Carla..

    ayo posting yg banyak dan foto2 dari Danau Toba!!!

    (seumur hidup blom pernah liat danau terbesar Indonesia, hihihi)

  2. sekilas koyok anggun c sasmi pas jadul... :)

  3. Dolphinrider5:13 pm

    Wahhh keep the travelling spirit alive yaaa...

    Sampaikan salamku pada rumput yang bergoyang.heheheh


  4. Sheila: thank you. ntar kubikin posting khusus danau toba deh. kayake aku ya mesti nulis buat travelblog kita yg ga pernah diupdate itu ya.. hehe..

    Valens: you're not the first person to say that!!! aneh sekali. padahal aku sering lihat ernie tp ga pernah merasa dia mirip anggun. dia tuh pernah besar kepala wkt ada muridnya dia yg bilang dia mirip anggun!

    Nyo: yeahhhhh!!!! biar usia tambah bangkotan, tetap traveling!