New Coffee Mix

As usual I had my second coffee ready on the table in front of me after I had my lunch break. I was transcribing a steering committee meeting and was half-frustrated with the team member’s English pronunciation in the recording. So I did not quite pay attention to the coffee glass when I took it and drank a sip out of it. Instantly I thought, hmm, that tasted and smelled rather peculiar than the previous sip I took like three minutes before.

I checked my glass and saw a drip of dark liquid from the top of the lid going down to reach the coffee, which at the time was a quarter of glass left. I thought that it couldn’t have been MY coffee, since the other empty area was clear. And secondly, it was Nescafe, huh, not original Bali coffee or Java coffee. So it couldn’t leave a trace of the coffee powder.

I looked up to the high ceiling but found nothing. But my best guess was a house gecko, or a mouse, or some other distinctive stinky creature that wandered about this property, had fucking crapped into my coffee and I had fucking drunk a sip of this unusual mix coffee and – God saved me – swallowed it!


  1. yeeeekkkkkkkk :)) :))
    kopi rasa eek :p


    Gimana rasa eek cicak??????