My Matchmaker Boss

Being single means being prone to get matchmade.

Despite his rather extreme emotional personality, Fabio has a quite remarkable sense of humour. He seems to believe that he has to be a matchmaker for the single people he has around him.

One day when I was still in my first months working for him, he had got a computer technician over to get his new computer installed in the office. Sometime later, one of Panorama's housekeeping staff came to clean the office. He tried to matchmake these young people with his super broken Bahasa Indonesia. That had no significant result.


Another day, a photographer friend of his came over to stay overnight at his property. They worked together in the making of the book "Makassar." Before this guy even arrived, he was busy promoting him to me,

"You should really marry this guy, Carla. He's very, very talented and has got a golden heart!"

"Is he young, rich and handsome?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes. No. He's still 30 something, so young yes. Rich yes, he's a very successful photographer. You can see a lot of his works in National Geographic. Unfortunately the mother nature is not very kind concerning his look."

"But he's a good candidate, I assure you," added he.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thanks, but no, thanks. I can find my own partner."


Recently he did it again. He was eating his snack (homemade bread with salad topping and tuna spread) and he complimented on the delicacy of the bread that Inga/Sulastri baked. He told me that I should get the same bread machine like the one they'd got at my place and make my own healthy bread.

"Yeah, that's the problem. That invention must have been expensive," I told him.

"Don't worry. When you get married later, I will get you that as your wedding present. I buy that to all my friends that get married," Fabio answered.

"Haha, very funny. And that will be 3 to 5 years from now? If I'm that lucky, that is."

"OH!!! Talking about that!," he exclaimed, "I met this really, really great guy last weekend at a party. He will make a good husband for you!"

He then told me the good qualities he had, how he liked him in an instant and how it was unusual because he didn't like that many people. Inga also liked him.

Me and my standard question: "Is he young, rich and handsome?"

"Yes! To all those questions!"

He had this idea in mind that he would invite him to the office so that I could meet him.
Jokingly I told him, "Well, let me know in advance if you invite him here. I'll make sure I'll dress nicely."

For once in his so frequent attempts to matchmake people, I gave a nod to see how it would be going.


  1. In any case if you dont like him, you might as well forward me his e-mail address and contact details. We'll see how eligible he is. Hahahaha.

    Oh but in my case, young, rich, handsome, smart, kind, loving, oh and family-man. How's that??? hehehe

  2. Hahhhahaha
    ur bosss with his super broke bahasa is very2 hillarious!!!

    Hillarious story...

  3. An office cupid ! Funny :P.
    Hell, I've only one of your standard !

  4. Vei: thanks a lot. :X

    Sheila: you don't really want to know him, do you? you are giving me all the characteristics you want that best refer to "him"!

    Francois: One of my standards? You're always my sweetest one! xx Just work hard first and become a billionaire. After that, you know where to find me. Hahaha...