Okay, I'm officially getting crazy.

Things have been overly hectic at work since the office moved to Sanur. The construction work is still ongoing, the smell of the paint gave me a headache, problems after problems come with the tukang's, earlier on last week (even up to now) Vincent has been having a hard time adjusting himself here. And yesterday he was finally happy because he got a call for a meeting with Fabio's friend for a job/partnership they could do, ONLY to find today that he couldn't find the place because he said I drew a wrong map. He was now very late and obviously isn't happy with me because of that.

To make things even more perfectly messed up, Vincent's angry call came at the same time when I was trying to meddle with another detail problem of painting work between Fabio and the landlord, where both were expressing their displeasure at one another THROUGH ME.

I can't take any more shouts today. I hope I won't.


    From the beginning on, Vincent should have smelt something fishy and wrong there.
    How did the meeting go? Did he get the partnership and the gig?

    So sorry for the whole tukang problem though. I guess it's never easy to deal with construction things...

    Hope you're having a merry Christmas anyway. Celebrating in Surabaya or in Bali?
    Did you get our cute christmas card?
    Hugs to Vincent too..

  2. what are you talking about? i'm very good at direction, reading maps and drawing maps. vincent, on the other hand, is NOT. i could survive finding my way pretty easily even in Thailand where i can't read the language/road signs, or in Paris to find the right metro stations with that impossible language. The other day Vincent was even dying to find a GPS of Bali. But really, although Inga said that she heard there was indeed a Bali GPS, how much of it can you trust when the road names keep changing every other year? Remember when you were here and we were supposed to meet at the Obsession, but your taxi driver didn't get it because the name of the street was new and that it had already gone through 3 changes??? A Bali GPS would be impossible too since houses are numbered not in series. One house could be numbered 124, and the next house 265 instead of 125. I can tell you all the frustration. For Vincent, who is so depending on technology, it's twice a trouble.

    But anyway, he got the job. I have a manager boyfriend now. Yay! :)

    Christmas will be in Bali or Lombok, we haven't decided. Vincent and I are going on a road trip with our motorbikes tomorrow till Sunday. It's gonna be cool.

    Christmas card received, but I couldn't open it yet due to my super slow internet connection. Hihi... I'll try again later.

    Thanks, La.