Michelle in Bali

Michelle has been in Bali for 3 weeks now. She mostly stays with her mother, but like twice or thrice a week she stays at my place.

It's so much fun to have her here and I think she's been really a good girl.

She went to the beach for the first time 2 weeks ago and she bragged that she could swim. Swimming here means dipping her body in the sea and having someone hold her while she was floating.

Vincent is surprisingly patient with her. It is also amazing to see that he actually cares about her a lot. He cannot approve her certain behaviours (chewing food soundly, picking up her nose or taking someone else's food or thing without permission... I agree but come on, she's just four years old and she's on holiday!) but in overall, I think Michelle is having fun here and she's certainly surrounded by the people who love her.

My mother misses her a lot, though. The first days Michelle was here, she kept calling everyday to check how Michelle was. And a lot of times too she would lobby either me or Ita to take her back to Surabaya soon.

Oh well, she eventually has to. But for the time being, it is good to have her here.


  1. Vincent is surprisingly patient with Michelle?

    Hmmm..... it's about time. Perhaps..........................

    (evil grin)
    I'll shut up now.

  2. kangen aku ambe ponakanmu iku, jek eling ambe oom sing ganteng iki gak yo?

  3. hah? siapa itu om ganteng?