Jangan Bikin Malu 2009

Youtube link is taken from Indonesia Matters

Ilham Anas, Indonesian Obama's look-alike, is delivering his "speech" in this very short video.

Don't embarrass Indonesia in the next Presidential election! "Jangan Bikin Malu 2009!"

PS: You need to understand Bahasa a little bit to get the fun from this video.


  1. Heheheh I like this one!!!!!

    quite smart though. And the doppelganger of Obama DOES look like him. A bit too thin... but surely nice try.

    I didn't vote in Pemilu 2009 2 weeks ago. Didn't know what to vote, plus Berlin is too far to go elect, and I couldn't bother sending out application form. Hihihi. Did you finally not vote coz they didn't allow you to vote in Dps?????

  2. Well no. And that left me grumpy for months. I couldn't go back to Surabaya either to vote, because although it was supposed to be the national holiday, the election day made me even have to work more (media industry, urgh). If only I could vote in Denpasar, my boss would have let me take a few hours off for this election. Bete.

  3. He does look like Obama. I think if I understood this video it would be quite funny.