Back in Surabaya

The city of great, super tasty, cheap food!

So far I've had my food orgasm having eaten Bebek Goreng Palupi, Tahu Campur and various delicious Chinese food. My mum's brilliant cooking is also the highlight. It's good to be home!

My second day here was crazy, though. I started the day attending Vitria's wedding, then off to photograph Tre's first birthday, then only had half an hour to take a short shower and freshen up at home then off to Sisca Maya's to photograph her beautiful daughter, went home for another short shower then off to Rahma's wedding. The 13th of December was obviously a good day to get married. Also proven with at least two house weddings in almost every alley I passed!

It was very tiring, but a good one. Parties and great food all the time.

A few days to go before I'm back home in Bali and still got some time to meet other friends. Photos will be posted later when I've got my home internet. My connection is very limited here.


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