Gili Day 2 and 3

I must say that the vacation this time involves quite a lot of sporty activities. We go snorkeling every single day - normally after brunch - and when we are bored we take our rented bicycle to the centre of the town, which is actually not very far but enough to make us all sweaty.

Yesterday (day 2) we rode the bikes literally around the island. It is a small island anyway. Can't say how long exactly we had the tour since we stopped every now and then for a photo session or a drink. They say it takes 2-hour walk to go around Gili Trawangan, but we probably took more than that.

There are paths by the beach that surround Gili Trawangan. But not all of them are paved or cemented. Many times we just had to get off the bike and push it through the sandy path. I felt that this was harder than the act of biking itself. However, it was fun. And with all the energy that we spent, I'm curious why I haven't lost a kilo by now. hihihi...

Due to the location of our secluded hotel and with all the sporty activities we do at the day time, we don't normally have much energy left in the evenings. We would go to the nearest restaurant or even the hotel restaurant for dinner and then watch movies/TV series that Vincent downloaded and saved in his laptop.

It is indeed different than our wild vacation in Gili last year. But I enjoy it very much anyway.

Tonight, however, I'm wearing a flowery dress and sitting at the heart of the town and ready for a less quiet night than before!


  1. yep..jadi ingat meras keringat waktu mancal keliling gili hehehe..
    bete banget kalo pas kena pasirnya..wakz

    kl u blm lost weight ya berarti lemak2nya masih demen nempel hehehe

  2. It is good to know that you like Gili Trawangan Lombok