How to get an STNK Duplicate after you lost it in a robbery

Following my last post about how to retrieve your Indonesian driver's license the right way, I am now going to share how to get your bike paper (STNK) back. Again, the right way.

If it ever amazes you how quick and police services in reobtaining your driver's license (approx. 30 minutes), it should awe you more with getting your STNK back. Of course, the only way to do it is when you get the right information and you have all the right papers to bring. Here it takes only 15 minutes.

Remember though, the very first thing you have to do when your wallet/purse is stolen is to report it to the Police. Right away. They will issue a statement that you lost your important papers that can be useful to apply for new ATM cards, credit cards, national ID card, driver's license, motorcycle paper, ANYTHING you have lost in the mishap. It is like a magical piece of paper. Also ask a few copies instead of one. They normally give you only one. As you read in my previous post, it was used to get my SIM back. Now it is also used to get my STNK back.

The steps:
  1. Go to the SAMSAT (one roof system) in your city. In my case, I went to the SAMSAT in Renon, Denpasar.
  2. Always put your documents in a paper folder. The documents here are: the statement letter from the Police that you lost your STNK and your real motorbike blue book paper (BPKB) and the recommendation letter from the POLTABES, which I obtained after I got my SIM. That is why you have to do your driver's license first, then STNK.
  3. Go to the Leges department. Here they will crosscheck your data in their system, making sure that you already paid your bike tax, then they will issue a letter stating that it is true that you have no problem with your motorcycle taxation. You will need to pay Rp 10,000 here.
  4. Put the letter together with the other documents in the folder and go to the STNK Duplikat department. You will be given a form which you have to fill in, return the form with the rest of the documents to this department, pay Rp 60,000 and you will be given a receipt to take your STNK duplicate in 3 days working time.
All that takes 15 minutes.

I actually thought with the former bureaucracy that I would be totally bored waiting for my papers to be processed. And therefore, I had John Grisham's novel The Appeal with me. But again, no bullshit at the Police department. They were quick and effective and I must say I am very proud of them.

Now I have to go somewhere to read my novel. Reading it at home will only make me fall asleep. :p


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