No Longer Impossible: Healthy Breathable Bras

It has been excrutiatingly hot and humid in Bali. Not only lately, but the last two years! Normal fans and exhaust systems are not of much use when the heat wave attacks; leaving people sweaty and weary. That goes even for me who actually does not perspire as much as other people. I always end up totally grumpy when feeling drop by drop of sweat escapes my neck and gets down to my bra and stays there as if there was not enough excretion to occupy it already. The instant thing I feel is that to take off the bra right then and there and let my chest breathe freely and get dry. But obviously that is not exactly proper to do when I am outside, right?

For most people, summer is to be expected happily every year. For Asians, over 75 percent of the whole year is summer. And it's a good thing! Except the fact that in tropical countries the humidity is of higher percentage than in the four-season ones. Just get out and walk on a sunny day by lunch time and you will already be sweating and totally wet in the first fifteen minutes.

I encountered another problem from the heat just a few months ago. I found red rashes on my skin around the bra line where the pads wrapped my breasts. I suspected that they appeared due to the excessive sweat that were blocked by my bra pads. Not only it was ugly, it was also unhealthy and itchy. Then it was very uncomfortable to wear bras when it happened. But it IS essential to wear a bra if you want to keep the shape of your breasts.

Therefore when I did my usual internet surfing this morning, I was super happy when I found this online shop called The Breeze Comfort and I thought I'd have to share it here!

Basically The Breeze Comfort offers breathable padded bras   and sports bras that, as the name suggests, provide more comfort for active, sporty women - and may I add here, tropical women, too! The highlight of their product is that every bra they manufacture - whether it is a normal bra or a sports bra - is equipped with patented perforated bra pads  (VentipadTM). The perforations (invisible in the real bra) throughout the paddings allow more air and circulation to come in so that perspiration that our body produces while working out or just simply being under the sun evaporates more quickly. This obviously leaves the bra wearer stay dry and comfortable.

Honestly, I have never seen, leave alone bought any bras that offer this kind of technology before. Imagine the possibility of staying pretty and sexy with a push-up bra and at the same time feeling comfortable wearing it. As commonly agreed, beauty products do not usually come together with comfort. This invention is therefore supposed to be dug by every woman.

And what more? The Breeze Comfort shop provides more comfort by offering FREE shipping for US residents (no minimum order) and for international buyers with a minimum order of 50 dollars. Get two pretty bras like this one on the left and you can already tell the difference between the traditional padded bras and the patented perforated ones.

I am going to browse some more of its products now. What about you?


  1. gotta try to get some of the products too ;)

  2. i know i will love those bras, especially in this humid summer time. but i just won't do internet shopping for bras anymore. well, learning from previous experience :p. My "unique" shape requires me to try bras before buying them

    will try to find if the products can be bought here though ;-)

  3. wacky: yeah, it is such a good idea/invention, isn't it?

    imoet: as far as i know, it is as for now an online shop, but i think they are looking to expand the business. however, i read in one of those testimonials that some types of bras they produce are very comfortable to plus-sized women (ooh, let me reveal it, you are one of them lol). they also did not make the breasts jumpy and bumpy while we move or even run on the threadmill.