10 Tips to Choose the Right Bra

It is tricky sometimes to choose the bra that is right for a woman. Does it have the comfort? Does it have the sexy look? Does it upsize the breasts? Is it actually the right size? Are the wires absolutely necessary?

Below are 10 tips to choose the right bra for you.

  1. Comfort is everything in choosing a bra. Of course function and look are as important, but without comfort a bra’s life easily ends after a couple of times wearing it. So always bear in mind to put comfort on the top of the list when you choose your bra to make sure it lasts.
  2. Choose the right bra size. 80% of women choose the wrong-sized bras. While you may get some input from other people about your bra size, it is useful to measure it on your own. You can check the step-by-step instruction here.
  3. Always make sure that your bra is made of the finest, softest material that is guaranteed to absorb perspiration.
  4. If you need a help on the look of your breasts underneath your clothes, don’t be hesitant to put bra pads.
  5. When you do have to wear pads, it is wise to choose the ones that have perforations inside. These help bring more air circulation and you can stay dry much longer.
  6. Although underwires are essential to improve the look of your bust, it may be sensible to choose a bra that does not have them. Those can get very uncomfortable for the wearer at times and they reduce air circulation and perspiration drainage.
  7. Make sure the straps of your bra are adjustable. It does not feel nice if they keep falling over your shoulders.
  8. Have at least one demi-bra in your wardrobe collection. It is to wear when you want to put on a low-cut outfit on top of it. Besides, a slight reveal on your cleavage goes a long way. ;)
  9. If one of your cups is significantly bigger than the other, choose a bra that fits your larger breast and put a pad on the other one.
  10. Don’t wear a normal bra to the gym. Use a sports bra instead. It is firmer than normal bras so it lessens the breasts movement. It is also designed to reduce discomfort, pain and possible injury on the chest ligament. It is called a sports bra for a reason, right?

For a wide variety of bra types that offer both style and comfort, check this website out.


  1. demi bra itu apa? hahaha :p

  2. bra yang potongan cupnya rendah. jadi kalo pake low neckline dress nggak nongol keluar bra-nya.