During Indecisive Moments

I went to the beach yesterday to clear my head out of the frustration I've had lately and I saw....

Children, playing with the sand and water.
Broken shells.
Balinese people flocking the sea after full moon ceremony.
Man and woman holding hands.
Man and man kissing each other.
Empty bottles.
Leftover offerings that the sea spat back to the shore.
Blue sky turning red.
People jogging.
Men fishing.
Colourful clubs.
Noisy clubs.
Empty Coke cans.
Red sky turning black.
Men playing beach football.
Unrested waves.
Couple taking photos together with the sunset background. (enjoy it when it lasts, one cannot be in love forever)
Dog playing in the water.
Dog lazying around at the sandbed.

I felt better. Temporarily. I need to do the walk again today. Or someone to talk to. Or both.


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