Pink Bridesmaid Dress

What is it with my friends lately? They are all getting married within one month and all having us wear pink dresses. Pink must be the new black!

We had an awesome bachelorette party for my friend, Eleonore, a few weeks back. The dress code was pink. So a lot of us had to go shopping beforehand for pink dresses! Here was what I picked for that party.
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I will be the maid of honour at my BFF's wedding this coming Saturday. She had her sister send me this hot pink fabric. I got the design consulted with Jun a few weeks before. She said her husband-to-be's family is rather conservative so nothing transparent or open. So I sent it to my tailor and here goes the result:
And then few days ago I saw the other bridesmaid's dress and it was pretty open. Hahahaha...


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