What do I like most when I'm not too hungry but in need to chew something?
-- Peanuts

What do I hate most about it?
-- After I cut my nails very short, and Yendy kindly came to me with a bag of peanuts, which I can hardly open.



  1. Honey Roasted Peanuts are the best!

    Although.. cashews... almonds... mmm mmm good

  2. Hahahahahaha......very short nails,eh? 'saknone' :D Well, you can always ask(or even order,hehehe) yendy or the others to open them for you, can't you? Just like what you always do.

  3. Well, just eat peanuts that won't need peeling, opening, or whatsoever!

    Despite my very long, beautifully polished nails (whoaaa...!!!), I am a girl incapable of opening sunflower seeds, curbis seeds (kuaci), but I never complain. Just live a practical life and eat something easier and effortless! Hehehe