When We Stop Believing

When you stop believing,
You’ll grieve for hours
Close your eyes and sink yourself under your pillows
Choose the comfortable safe deep darkness
Than facing a bright shiny eye-hurting light

When she stops believing,
She’s no longer the cheerful sun
She’s not the source of life and happiness
She’s dimming and transforming to a darker moon
That hardly helps enlighten the earth
Even hardly helps enlighten herself
Turning her smile into a frown
Turning her laugh into an anger
Turning her love into hatred
Turning her warm heart into a cold icy stone
Hard… still… steel… flat… frozen

When he stops believing
He builds the toughest highest well-based self-protection gate around him
Socializes but hardly gets involved
Friendly but hardly helpful
Charming but hardly happy
Smiling but almost crying
If only seen through his walls

When they stop believing
They’ll be as creative
As developing a theory of life
As forming strict borders and values
As building a new small community
Where they can be the ruler
Just to make sure everybody else has the same pain

When I stop believing
I’ll dig my own six feet hole
With my own ten fingers
Mixing the soil with my tears
Embracing the dough with my blood
Dedicating any sane mind of mine left
To concentrate on my last attempt
In burying my soft bloody heart
In the bottom of the darkness
To exchange it with the modernized one
That is stronger
Just cold enough
And hot enough
To set a holocaust of the whole revenge
To my enemies
Until they pay it
With the same amount of tears I shed
With the same amount of pain I suffer from

When we stop believing
It’ll just become a cycle that never ends
We realize and feel it yet we enjoy it
As I enjoy your face
When you fall down on your knees
Sinking in your own oceans of ripped heart.


  1. Anonymous10:34 am

    You not only have ten fingers to dig your six feet hole, you have twenty, ten from mine. And is not you that we'll bury, but is your tears, pain & anger. So you can start believing again my friend ^_^


  2. Don't use finger, use shovel.
    More easier.
    Nggak nyambung ? emang :)