Clumsiness # 3

I forgot to bring my lunch box that my mother had kindly prepared for me. She called me when I was on bemo and asked if I remembered that I was missing something. I looked around and inside my backpack if I forgot to bring my cellphone (my most important belonging). Just then I found out that I left my lunch box. *sigh* Ged, I think I really need to work on that curiously absolutely-not-profitable personality.

Anyway, that made me have to go out to buy some lunch at 12 o'clock. I decided to go to warung soto near the office and buy a portion of soto with rice.

When I arrived back at the office, I started to eat the soto while talking with other workmates who sat around the dining table. I always like spicy food, so I had some sambal (chilli sauce) added before I ate. The unfortunate thing was that accidents seem to like to stick with me wherever I go and whatever I do.

There were some noodles in the soto and one of them seemed to jump on the soto, where the hot soup water splashed on my face! My right eye, to be exact. So you can imagine. IT HURT SO DAMN MUCH to have that spicy pricking water inside it! *sob sob*

My eye was quite watery and painful for 15 minutes or so that I couldn't concentrate on eating my lunch. That was most uncomfortable. :(

To make it worse, it was not the first time I had that. The same experience happened to me in less than a month. Urrrggghhh....


  1. 8(



    Be careful with your food! *smile*

    Talk later,

  2. why i'm not surprise :P
    untung lunch box ketinggalan d rumah...kalo ketinggalan d bemo lagi/somewhere else-belio dewe yaaaaa...^_^

    rasanya kamu harus mempertimbangkan saranku lagi, buat jadi bandul kalung aja la..:))