Note to Shierly Motulo

There were times I cared about you so much
I'd give everything I had for you
There were times I was annoyed by you so much
I felt like knocking you out senseless

There were times I was so down
Your hands would reach out and take me into your embrace
There were times I was so in love
And you'd jump with joy with me in excitement

There were times we were angry at each other
We'd pretend we were not friends
There were times we felt so vile
We'd plan naughty things together

Through the joy
Through the sadness
Through everything we've been through
No matter how bitchy I was
Or how super bitchy you were
One thing will never change

That I love you.


  1. Anonymous8:27 am

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  2. Huuu at last i can see Imoet in her bride gown. The wind of change always makes me touched, evrything is never be the same again (inggrisku bener ga to?)
    phew, ur blog is nice to be read:)
    keep writing lala:)