Day 3: Singapore

I woke up early. 10:00 o'clock but I considered that early for I slept at about 3 last night (King Kong ended at 2). Then I got online and watched some DVDs.

Roy woke up at exactly 12 o'clock. He made some instant noodle and we ate it as our brunch. Then we were out to Plaza Singapura.
After some minutes looking around, we took an MRT to the famous Orchard road.
There was a group of street dancers at one corner of the street and I stopped there watching them.
Roy had been receiving a lot of phone calls from his friend and it seemed like they planned to meet up. He didn't tell me about it, though (sometimes I just don't understand this guy).

In the middle of the street dance performance, Roy grabbed my left arm and said, "Let's go."
I followed him while wondering why a cute-looking guy in front of me was looking back at me intensely. I knew why a short moment later on. He's the one Roy had been speaking on the phone to. They were talking by themselves and this guy kept glancing at me. Maybe he, as well as I, was wondering why we were not introduced yet.

We were, finally. After a while.

His name is Andrew. 33 years old (I swear he doesn't look like in his thirtieth!). An illustrator at a design company. SO... we share the same interest!
He and I talked a lot and Roy was eventually raising one of his eyebrows, for he and I didn't really do talking ever since I got here. I don't know why. But things were a bit different. I don't think it was me. It should be Roy. He's the one who hardly smiled and there were always frowns between his eyes. Probably it was his work that stressed him out, but he refused to say that. He enjoys and likes his work, he says.
Anyway, it was just different. I was in my holiday mood while he was not. :P

Marijn was actually suggesting me to visit the art museums and Andrew did the same thing. But since Roy wouldn't enjoy that, we went to one of the malls to a bookstore called Kinokuniya on Orchard Road. It's not a museum, it's just a plain bookstore. But I've got to see a lot of COOL design/advertising/photography books there. Unsealed.
It was such a heaven! I wish I could buy one of those books. But they're so fucking expensive. I had the money to buy one but I wouldn't just bother to spend that much and leave the rest of my holiday, lacking money. :P

Roy was at the comic section and Andrew at the illustration centre.
About an hour later we split up. It was still raining hard outside and I was horribly thirsty and tired. Andrew asked me to go to his church the next morning but I don't know. I didn't feel like it.

Roy and I dropped by at Carrefour for some dinner's shopping and based upon my request, he bought this particular kind of mushrooms, which later tasted SOOOOOOO GOOD! And Roy is such a good cook as well.

We ended up having dinner in the apartment (good dinner, I must say). Sweet corn + mushrooms+ butter, beansprouts, fish and beef. Oh, and rice with some flavour. We ate them while watching DVDs. I can't remember which movie I watched at which time, but if you asked me how I spent my precious holiday in Singapore... the answer is: Mostly watching DVDs. :P


The conversations with Roy was still plain and garing. I don't know... He was just alive when he was talking about his work. Other than that he was just sarcastic all the time. Sometimes he didn't even answer my questions.

Screw it.
Our friendship was probably already over. I just can't wait to get out of Singapore.


  1. akhirnya...ngeblog juga...
    so sorry to hear that u felt ur friendship w/ Roy already over.
    Hope not.
    Mungkin dia kepikiran kerjaan di kantor...jadi g konsen??

    lesson: jgn ke s'pore bln january....diganggu ujan...hehe

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    hi girl!!! how's your southeast asia trip going/ went??? kemana aja?? i'd love to hear from you ... big hugs and kisses


  3. For me ...
    Kingkong = the gorilla from the lost world.