First Real Day in Singapore!

Roy was preparing for work when I woke up. I checked my email and chatted for a while with my friends back home. Roy suggested me to visit the Little India nearby as there are some temples over there.

After having my Sedap instant noodle, I set off for Little India.

It's only one stop away from Farrer Park. I should have walked. But again, maybe not.

I got lost several times since the map in my Rough Guide book was not very updated and a bit confusing (I bought it 3 years ago). And the people were not very helpful either.

  • Me: Hi, excuse me. Do you know the way to Farrer Park?
    Him: No.
    Me: No, you don't know?
    Him: No.. no English.

  • A woman sat beside me in the bus halt. As soon as she sat down I greeted her and asked, "Hello.. Can you tell me..."
    "No no no, I don't know."
    She stood up and left.
    So much for expecting a hospitality.

  • I came across a Chinese woman and her little boy on the street and asked her where Farrer Park was. The answer was:
    "Oh, I didn't know. I'm lost myself. I'm gonna take a cab."

  • In an intersection I thought I'd just look for the MRT station. People might not know the Farrer Park, but they should know where the MRT station is, right?
    Yet, I still got another "I don't know" answer until I got the right one.
But it was still nice anyway. The weather was quite nice. It was raining a little bit but that was just it. I wish I brought my hat, though.

I went around Little India and saw some temples.

The Chinese New Year is coming so they have a fair along the street near Bugis street. The decoration was dominated by red and there were some cute things sold there. I didn't buy anything, though.

A sales lady saw me taking pictures of some working men. She told me that it was a nice camera and asked me how much I bought it. I told her and she started to view me as a valuable customer and offfer her merchandise, a service more likely: a facial.

She was touching my face and nexk and cleavage and telling me how badly I needed a facial. I normally DISLIKE people, other than my boyfriends, touch my face and body. But I let her.. just to satisfy my curiousity of how Singaporean people tried to sell.

She was talking and talking in Singlish and I was smiling all the time at her accent and eagerness in selling the product.
It took half an hour until I decided to firmly say no for the products. She was disappointed and finally let me go somewhere else.
Poor girl. I didn't mean to be mean. But that's the risk of trying to sell something expensive to a budget traveller like me. It absolutely doesn't mean I'm rich that I have a nice camera (which I haven't even finished paying) and that I'm traveling to Singapore. :)


The Lesson of the Day:

"Do not walk in your leather pointed shoes if you mean to look around in a place you don't know."

My feet hurt as hell and I was forced to buy a pair of slippers (ugly ones, but I had no choice) of S$ 2.50 at 7Eleven. When I finally let go my leather shoes, I actually found out that both my feet and toes were swollen. Yikesss...


To Golden Village (Dhoby Ghaut, Plaza Singapura) with Roy.
Dinner: Duck and soup.
Watching: King Kong. (Do you believe that I actually cried when Kong died? Huuuu... But it was indeed sweet)

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  1. "Do not walk in your leather pointed shoes if you mean to look around in a place you don't know."

    harusnya kan itu pelajaran dasar sejak zaman dahulu kala ya ???


    masih sakit la ??? =))