Accidents Happen...

Accidents happen...

They don't mean that they make you a clumsy person for doing them. Or it was you to blame when accidents seem to stick to you most of the time.

Nor was it my fault that I lost my room keys three times for the first two months I'm here.

Not either when I broke the edge of the ulek-ulek in the kitchen.

Of course it was absolutely genuinely honestly an innocent accident when the upper glass of the table was broken into 3 pieces cause I put the hot pan on it directly after I removed it from the stove.

And I really didn't mean to break one of the bowls when I sleepily cooked myself a dinner with it.

Accidents happen...

And I have to pay a lot for them next month to replace anything I broke accidently lately.


  1. ck ck ck ck

  2. brb


    Back, sorry, can't help it :p
    There's definitely a price for clumsiness
    Unfortunately, it's usually so damn expensive

  3. Hey Carla....

    Accidents do happen and those who can laugh at themselves first are truly remarkable people.

    I just wanted to say, "Hi" and that I've been thinking of you. I'm sorry I've been such an ass and I hope someday you will forgive me. You've always been my favorite person and I simply miss you.

    I hope all is well in your life Carla and I just wanted to say that you've been dear to my thoughts.


  4. that's why its call accidental..
    you do it not in purpose :)

  5. Gw pernah alami, terutama disaat-saat
    sulit. U have to write all those things here. Mengurangi (sedikit) beban, katanya.

  6. normal things that happen to almost everybody, right? it's sometimes hard to laugh at ourselves when it happens, though ^_+

  7. hepi bersday :D
    sorry rada telat

  8. Sherida Halatoe3:44 am

    Hey Carla,

    4give me for posting here but i just got to ask you something. I googled my familyname ( Halatoe) and i got your blog as a result. I read that you live in Surabaya which is also where my family is originally from ( they moved to the Netherlands in the early '60 ) it made me quite curious if you're a relative of mine :P. I hope you can help me.. Greetings Sherida

    ps: my emailadress =