Campaigning Condom!

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There have been some things that are quite bothering my mind lately. One of them is Indonesian people's low awareness on the importance of CONDOM!

First of all, let's get one thing straight: we are NOT going to debate over the old it's-not-right-to-do-a-premarital-sex issue, ok! Cause it's not the main point of this post.
I am stating it beforehand then that I do not mind that people choose or not choose to do the act, for we're all grown-ups and every decision we take is wholly ours and only ours to make.

One thing to regret, however, is our habit to underestimate the after effect of the sex.

One case of one of my close girl friends is having right now is an unwanted pregnancy. So she did it, with a guy she doesn't love, and now she has to face this fact that she's having a child, probably not bigger than a pea now, and marriage is not really an option cause that guy has obviously stated that he will not marry her for the child, and she doesn't think she wants to give birth to the child without a marriage (old school, but we do live in an old school country :P), but in the other hand she's afraid of God and of the after effect of the abortion.

When I asked her why she didn't use a protection, she reasoned that it was not comfortable to use one, especially for that guy.

Now peeps (girls, especially), listen. Seriously... using a condom is the BEST alternative for the time being to PROTECT yourself from things like this. What's the point of having a short satisfaction and pleasure with a HUGE problem waiting afterwards? Of course, nothing is guaranteed to be 100% safe, but at least you can worry less? We still live in a hypocrite country where we have to obey a lot of social rules. Even if you have this modern conception of free sex, you studied biology at school! And there are tons of sexology talks and fusses on the paper to read. I'm sure you also know all the consequences of having a non-safe sex!

I may as well trust that you DO indeed realise that condoms can protect you from diseases. Getting pregnant is one thing, but this one is another thing. Some of the STDs cases can be cured easily, some need a while to cure, and some canNOT be cured at all. You know that condoms can help prevent that, don't you?

So please.. please.. when you see a cute guy walking on the street and you're intrigued to "try" him, ALWAYS have a condom ready somewhere in your bag or purse. If none's available, just make time to buy it. It's sold everywhere. If he refuses to use that, just kick him out of the room and tell him you don't need him to please you. There are still thousands of other guys who would want to do it safely, really.

Just remember this: LOVE YOURSELF. Condoms can be a great solution for one-night-stands and other contraceptions are the alternate solutions to a nicer sexual experience if (IF) you have found this permanent partner/boyfriend and you trust him for not carrying any disease with him.

Do I sound reasonable enough?


  1. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Carla, I think it makes the best common sense for you to work for durex hehehe...
    I totally share the same thought on this case. Furthermore, being selfish, who cares if the man isn't comfortable wearing one, it makes me, the woman, getting more pleasure.

  2. Indeed! We care of course for every party to feel comfortable. But that care shouldn't be a reason to act reckless and unprotect ourselves from a bigger consequence, right.

    Glad this can be a lesson for somebody else, too.

  3. Hi chica! Great post :)

  4. yeah... just "plug and play" behind the "firewall".. :p

  5. if men can be selfish..why cant we (GIRLS)?

    Use condoms to protect outselves!!

  6. Like you say, you'll make a great journalist. That's very well expressed indeed.