Strange Ad

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An ad I read in Jakarta Post today:

MODEL BULE HANDSOME, 35, live in Bali w/ a job. Looking for pretty and rich woman. Please contact 081******** or email e******

What the...

Some people do get desperate sometimes, I guess. I mean I already get used to personal ads.. or some MASSAGE companies that claim to serve for health, but in reality they're all just a sex business. But this one sounds a bit different, don't you think?

I understand that people want companions. Some can't really get them cause of their own lackness, say appearance. But reading the ad, don't you think he sounds perfect? A male model, with a job in Bali. What makes him hard to get the woman he wants? In a place like Bali where everything is so much freer than any other parts in Indonesia, with flocks of various women all over the world, and with a (should be) handsome appearance he's got, why placing the ad in a newspaper?

And what's the point of the "rich" woman part? Men looking rich women sound like a gigolo to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the profession. It's just so weird. Or I'm just being too Indonesian. Hehehe..



  1. sepertinya menarik..... kiro-kiro aku dadi gigolo payu gak yo ???? hauhauhau....

  2. rasane ga payu, lens. tampang orang gereja gitu kamu. hahaha

    eh update nih. dia bilang dia pernah ngecharge orang amerika yg udah tua gitu $5000 semalam. lumayan tuh kalo kamu mau ganti profesi. langsung kaya lu!